Moss ball, pebble and jar. Pet moss ball, nano moss ball, pretty pebble, crystal, glass jar



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Get your very own nano moss ball and pretty pebble or crystal in a glass jar!

It’s kind of like having a gold fish – but not 🙂 I find myself checking in on my moss ball and gazing at it and the pebble – it’s almost mesmerising and it’s totally relaxing.

The nano moss ball is about 10-15mm across.
The jar is hexagonal in shape (55ml, dishwasher safe…please don’t wash the jar with the moss ball and pretty pebble crystal inside!)

Some moss ball and pretty pebble/crystal in a glass jar care tips:

❤ It’s good to change the water every week or two as it can get a little bit smelly!
❤ Give your moss ball a super gentle wash at the same time with gentle running water.
❤ As soon as you get your moss ball give it some water!! They live at my house in water until I transfer them to your jar with your crystal (I don’t ship them in water…a potentially soggy package is not the one). They are just fine without water for a little while.
❤ Fill the jar with cold water and pop your nano moss ball into it and add your pretty pebble. If the moss ball floats, just give it a lil dunk.
❤ Give your moss ball a name – because that’s a cute idea, no other reason 🙂
❤ Sing to it…just kidding! But, hey, why not! I talk to mine every now and again.

❤ Your moss ball and pretty pebble can discolour if you leave it in direct sunlight. A bit of sunshine is fine – just not too much!
❤ Give your moss ball space. It might grow (potentially 5mm a year), but not if you over stock the jar. If you want it to grow bigger, faster, put it in a bigger jar – you can add a moss ball mate to it that way too…cuteness overload!
❤ Don’t be alarmed if your moss ball smells a little bit on arrival – just run it under a very gentle stream of cold water direct from the tap before you pop it in the jar of fresh water.

The pebbles and crystals in the pictures are examples only. You will get the colour of your choice but each vary in size and look slightly, as each is unique 🙂


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