Mosaic bottle by Deerhart Mosaics


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Gorgeous , hand made mosaic bottle. Vibrant, light catching colour. Exotic looking piece, just right for keeping delicious potions and elixirs in! Made using stained glass, glass tiles and roundels, and a twisted copper wire handle.
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My name is Fiona Mitchell . I first started dabbling in mosaics almost 20 years ago. For the last 8 years I have been making and selling mosaics locally and online.

Each item is unique and made and designed in my studio by me.

I use stained glass, millefiori, glass and ceramic tiles, beads, stones and shells, upcycled items such as copper wire and anything at all that I think will work in a design!

I love creating artwork that is full of fun, bursting with colour, rippling with texture and a joy to behold! My aim is to create items that will brighten up your life or your home! I’d like each piece to make those who see it smile!