mOBE mermaid. Sage Queen.


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mOBE’s hair is silver and is a choppy styled ‘bob’, with a little highlight of burgundy, she has dark eye-brows and lips, and blue eyes. She is adorned with three crowns – two around her neck, and one on her right wrist, these are in reference to the Coat of Arms of Kingston upon Hull, UK. They make a lovely sound when they jangle together.
She has a miniature OBE and ribbon (burgundy and grey) on the left lower side of her tail. Her main colours are sage, burgundy and claret. Because she has no choice but to live in our clogged up, toxic and polluted oceans her upper body has become distorted and is breaking apart at the front, her spine has been forced into impossible shapes along her back. Her arms, with four finger like tendrils on each hand are long and spindly, the fingers can be shaped to curl and grip (loosely).
Her tail blends from sage green, citrus, gooseberry and pearl down into a dark claret, forest green and black base where green ghostgear (trawler pollution) has been caught and trapped in and around her tail, a piece of that has also broken and can sometimes ensnare her arm or hand. Her tail can be slender or open out fully which displays the ghostgear very clearly. Her inner tail is sage, claret and silver.
Somewhere along her life she has attracted magnets to her elbows allowing for placement onto metal objects; filing cabinets, fridges or similar (not computers though!) She requests gentle placement on any of these surfaces and does not like to be on the front of a fridge or cabinet where there is regular use, as she may well gently slide down onto the floor, probably for a bit of a rest. She is NOT a toy, however she can be positioned to sit, twirl and tumble as she has a full armature and is poseable. Remember though, the more you touch her the more felted she will become.
She will be presented in an eco-friendly tin box with a detachable lid, the entire box is magnetic and allows for mOBE to be displayed almost anywhere, useful if you do not have a filing cabinet or fridge. There is also a funky Twisted Mettle magnet. I ask you to choose who her new human companion is with care.
The top of her head to the base of her tail is 11”, her tail is approximately 6” long, and can be split open to a maximum width of 11”. So her maximum total length is 17”.
I use both Merino and Corriedale yarn. She has a full armature.
Her name is in reference to the real life lady who has inspired the making of her: Maureen Foers OBE, who is from Hull, UK.

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