Mini Shampoo Bar Gift set -The Orchard Fruit Collection



Gift set for 5 Mini shampoo bars , perfect to sample our orchard fruit collection, In this set you will receive our Pear,Cherry,Green apple,Tangerine and lemon & Lime scented shampoo bars.

Aqua, Glycerine, Propylene Glycol, Polyquaternium 7- Conditioning Additive, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice Powder, Sodium Stearate, Sodium Laurate, Fragance Oils

– Made using Soothing Aloe Vera
– Contains no Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
– Vegetable Based
– Contains Conditioning Additives
– Excellent Lather
– Good moisturising from a very high glycerine content which provides a pleasant skin feel

Why Switch to Shampoo Bars?


This is by far the number one reason to make the switch to shampoo bars. These Bars don’t require plastic packaging, so they are much better for the environment than their bottled counterparts .A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute.More than 480 billion plastic drinking bottles were sold in 2016 across the world, up from about 300 billion a decade ago. Fewer than half of the bottles bought in 2016 were collected for recycling and just 7% of those collected were turned into new bottles. That means, approximately 93% of the 480 billion plastic water bottles sold in 2016 ended up in landfill or in the ocean.
These statistics are related to plastic water bottles ALONE! In other words, this info doesn’t encompass all the other packaging waste, or other waste in general.It’s better for the environment (and ultimately for the future of our species and all species on earth) to make an effort to reduce packaging across the board where possible.


The bars are more concentrated than traditional shampoos, so you can use less per application and they will last longer.


Shampoo bars and conditioner bars are great to travel with as you don’t have to worry about any potential for spillage or liquid restrictions. And they help prevent using the individual-sized shampoos and conditioners at your hotel, which goes back to point #1 about reducing packaging waste.


“I just love the idea of using an all natural shampoo, but my hair feels tacky!”

Although many people have no adjustment problems at all, tacky or funny feeling hair is not an uncommon issue.

The transition period can range from a few days to a few weeks or even a month. It really depends on how damaged your hair is, how much residue and build-up is present..

When you first begin, your hair or scalp may become oily. You may find the hair shafts feel weird or waxy.

This is your hair, which has been addicted to chemical-laden shampoo, literally freaking out, going through withdrawal, and learning to live a chemical-free life. It’s not easy!

It will go away! It may take some patience, but if you can persevere, your reward will be healthy, soft and silky hair.

There isn’t one common thread among people who have adjustment issues, but there are some common reasons your hair may feel different as you bring your hair back to its natural, healthy state.


As commercial detergent shampoos strip away the natural protective oils, your scalp produces more oil to compensate. Your scalp becomes conditioned to this vicious cycle of excess oil production.

As you transition to a shampoo bar, your scalp needs time to rebalance scalp oil production. During this transition period, hair may feel extra greasy or heavy. You may notice your hair feels different immediately after washing because your hair is accustomed to the squeaky clean feel of detergent based shampoo.
There is often a transition period as you switch from your chemical laden shampoo to a natural shampoo bar– it varies by person and hair type.

Your hair literally has to learn how to live without the chemicals.

Hard water can make it more difficult to create a good lather and to rinse all of the shampoo from your hair. You will feel the gummy soap residue in your hair, especially if your hair is long.Make sure you rinse well and lather rinse repeat if you need to!

Our shampoo bars do not strip hair in the same way as detergent based shampoos. Our gentle shampoo bars may have a difficult time removing the build-up of chemicals that have been deposited in your hair over the years.stick with it and it will get easier!

The “weird hair” feeling happens most often when the soap residue does not completely rinse out of your hair. Be sure to work up a good lather and rinse, rinse, rinse. You might find it helpful, especially in the beginning, not to rub the bar directly on your hair. Try using a puff or a sponge to create foam.

After a bit of experimenting, we believe you can use a shampoo bar, create a good lather, rinse out completely, and leave your hair feeling clean, soft silky and radiantly healthy.It’s worth the commitment for your hair and for your planet!

Mrs Wonderland’s Empourium is commited to creating the best quality environmentally friendly products, along with hand crafted gifts from the Wonderland Family

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