Mini bud vase with 24 carat gold lustre drips



Little bud vases full of character, hand formed, glazed and Lustred with real gold!

They look wonderful grouped together with a single stem in each.
The price is for all three as a set.


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Product Enquiry

Hello and welcome to my store!

Each item is hand made in North London by me. 

From start to finish each piece goes through a process that takes on average 6 weeks.


Everything I make starts it’s life as a simple lump of clay, which I form using the pottery wheel and sometimes by hand.

It is left to to dry for 24 hours before being trimmed and refined again,  anything extra is added, such as a handle or a foot (which is handmade too).

It then drys for up to two weeks, before being fired in the kiln for the first time to 900 degrees.


 I then hand glaze each item, sometimes painting details or decorations, and I often add precious gems and crystals into the glazes to create beautiful patterns and infuse positive intent.


It then drys a second time, and goes back into the kiln for the final firing up to 1250 degrees! 


As each item is hand crafted, there are irregularities and subtle differences in the glazes and in the shape. 

I believe that is what makes each one unique and beautiful!


I only buy packaging which is biodegradable (you can even eat the packing peanuts but they don’t taste great!!) any bubble wrap or other plastic packing materials I have recycled and reused. I do this as much as possible with all my packing, I reuse and recycle so don’t be suprised if something arrives in a contrasting box that use to home cookies: it’s what’s inside that counts!


I offer free shipping and packing within the U.K. please contact me for international options.

I recommend hand washing your items and not to put them in the microwave unless stated in the description.

I make everything  with love, care and attention, I consider how the weight and shape with feel in your hands, how the colours will compliment each other and how the textures will feel. I even play affirmations to my glazes and clays (yes really) which I believe adds a unique uplifting energy that you can feel when you use them.

Thank you for looking, please feel free to ask any questions.

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