Minako Collagen tripeptide 200,000mg 15 sachets in a box


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The collagen for youthful and glowing skin
Minako Collagen is the most popular collagen recently. It is a collagen that contains premium natural ingredients like fish collagen tripeptide, tomato extract , acerola cherry extract and 100% Glutathione within one box.
1. Anti-Aging, Reduce Fine Lines
2. Goodbye to eyebags
3. Hello fresh, healthy and blooming skin.
4. Achieve Youthful Skin and Pinkish Glow with Minako Collagen Tripeptide

Improves Skin Elasticity, Reduce Wrinkles, Achieve Radiant Youthful Appearance ,Hair Growth Supplement, Superior Joint Flexibility and Bone Strength ,


Fish Collagen Tripeptide Blueberry Juice Powder Raspberry Juice Powder Melon Powder L-Glutathione Zinc Amino Acid Chelate 20% Acerola Cherry Extract Red Raspberrry Extract Tomato Extract Litchi Extract Pomegranate Extract Goji Berry Extract Grape Extract Pink Bark Extract


Tear the sachet, pour into glass, mix with 100-200 ml. of water.

Minako Collagen tripeptide 200,000mg

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