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What is a Medicine wheel? The Medicine Wheel is a tool, or set of tools that has been used all over the world since before the recording of time. These tools have helped to define and frame our place in this most wonderous universe. Though used as a way of connecting with the universal powers that govern all of creation, including our authentic self, it is not ‘religious’ per se. The Medicine Wheel describes life and all that exists to be cyclic by design, to be in constant motion like the seasons, life and death, the very path we burn as we spiral through the cosmos. The Medicine Wheel is a tool that helps to enlighten the understanding or ourselves, who we truly are behind all those well-crafted masks we have become accustomed to wearing. In the Western world especially, we have lost the ability take care of ourselves spending way too much time in the head becoming jaded and unbalanced.

All of life is made of energy. When you pick up a rock do you see just a rock, an innate dead object? Or do you recognise that the rock person is too ‘alive’. Atoms and sub-atomic particles that generate energy hold the rocks together to bring form that we recognise; constant motion, the constant movement of energy. We too have the ability to ‘manipulate’ energy with something as seemingly innocuous as thought.

The service I offer here is to take an overview of your Medicine Wheel to see where you sit; to examine where your energies are focused; where they are wasted; where you should be looking. To offer you advice on how you can focus your energies more productively to become better balanced. In short, help you to understand how you through your own intent can manifest your own dance, your very own new reality. I seek to empower you with understanding as knowledge is indeed power. You will quickly come to truly understand that the film of your life being projected onto the big screen is of your creation. As you think so shall it be…..

Though I use cards to help frame physically where you sit in your Medicine Wheel, the service I offer is not about anyone else ONLY you, your growth as a human being, your growth as a Spiritual being. If you are looking for advice on issues around your car, washing machine and alike then this isn’t for you!

Once I have completed a reading, I will document my findings which together with a list of resources will be emailed to you. Please note that readings can sometimes take several hours before I am happy to pass on the results. Readings are normally completed within the week.

If you have any questions prior to ordering please feel free to contact me.


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