Mayste Mermaid. One cool Maidy.


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Mayste Mermaid has been made with a lot of love, care and attention to detail.
Her fabulous periwig is aqua blue and has been curled into tiny spirals shaped into the silhouette of a heart. Three colours: scarlet, citrus and mallard swirl up and entwine her. All the way from her tail fins, left leg, around her body, and dropping over her shoulder forming a beautiful necklace effect, which continues up the side of her neck to reappear as the three curls on either side of her hair line.
She has aqua blue and mallard coloured eyes, always watching. Ever on the lookout for the plastic waste and toxic pollutants Mayste and her friends are being forced to live in. There is a bright blue toothbrush snagged in, or is it adorning, her hair? She is carrying a delicate metal detachable shield. She is an eco-warrior mermaid.
Her face and body are a lovely blended shade of cool spearmint, going from her lighter coloured face to a deep dark mix around her ankles. Colours included are cerulean, mallard, aqua and black. Her broken body is aqua with spots of colours all over her front, back and tail fins. They are repeated on her legs. She has a black tummy button. High up on her left leg purple plastic netting has been trapped around it causing damage.

The small red square on the back of her neck represents the colour coding on toothpaste tubes, with this one signifying a mixture of natural and chemical ingredients, other details on her back include a blue twisted, plastic entwined spine, an orange lump bursting through her skin, with a second lump a bit further down. And yet still she survives.
Her beautiful tail fins are blue with the swirls of colour on the front, where a plastic tube of toothpaste has become snared, the dots of colour are also splashed across the back of her fins.

Somewhere along her life she has attracted magnets to her elbows allowing for placement onto metal objects; filing cabinets, fridges or similar (not computers though!). She requests gentle placement on any of these surfaces and does not like to be on the front of busy a fridge or cabinet where there is regular use, she much prefers the sides where there is less action!

Alternatively you can place her on any part of the eco-friendly tin box I present her in. The box has a detachable lid, allowing for her to be displayed almost anywhere – in the box, on the side of it (see images). She is NOT a toy, however she can be positioned to sit, twirl and tumble as she has a full armature and is poseable.

Remember though, the more you touch her the more felted she will become. If someone had bought her for me, as a responsible, creative child of 12 I would have treated her with the love and care she requires. I ask you to choose who her new human companion is with care. There is also a funky Twisted Mettle magnet.

She is approximately 13″ from the top of her very curly periwig to the end of her legs and 18″ tall including her tail fin.
I use both Merino and Corriedale yarn.

Packaging is all recycled. Let’s save the planet.

Items are sent out within 7 days.

Goods can be returned within 14 days of purchase.

I like satisfied customers and solutions.


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