Magical Christmas

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This beautiful Set of 5 cards of A6 size is the work of Wiltshire based artist Matthew R Brackley. Print is on 300 gsm high quality paper. in a stout Simply breath taking.

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We are Wiltshire based artists and craftspeople.We use local materials for example in the Mice sculptures. All the wood is obtained from hedgerows and is already dead. We like to make beautiful  original pieces that are unique .The pieces are very tactile ,this is what we wanted.Art that can be held and turned in your hands, for example the magnificent bird sculptures.

The sculptures are made by Matthew R Brackley and he does take commissions. each one is individually made and not cast.Each one handmade .

The prints are designed for your home or corporate setting. The artwork of Matthew R Brackley.

The cards reflect the work of local artist Matthew R Brackley

The soft towels are sewn by hand and each one is different.