Made To Order.. The Official Sh#t creek Paddle Tokens


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This box does state it is for Emergency use only but please do feel free to use well before it gets there.

I started making these little tokens out of wood scraps but as you can see I have upgraded them slightly! but it was after a suggestion from a friend and after I also recently went through a phase where my mental health suddenly declined and I found it amazingly difficult to talk so now I am on the mend I thought I would love to help other’s if possible.

and that is what these little funny Emergency sh#t creek tokens say that if you need me I would love to help if possible. They might not need them now, they might never but just in case give them one out your own box or get them a box full but tell them to keep it somewhere at the back of a draw… just in case.

I have always been open about my mental health and battle with depression and thought I was doing well, I despite that recently I suddenly took a beating, I for now reason was suddenly to embarrassed to talk.. luckily, I had support around me that noticed and encouraged me and with the help of the great NHS I am back on track down the creek of life.

I only want to make money to cover costs and intend to donate at least 10 percent of any money raised by this product to NHS and mental health related charity’s.

These are a copyrighted design via Monster Industries 2023.

* Please be aware that some language in the images may offend people. Sorry, if it does offend you but it is a minor swear word used to help make light for a very serious reason.

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