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LuxeSlim – Luxe Slim Caffe Macchiato contains only 20 calories and is sweetened with Stevia. Its main ingredients include L-Carnitine—which helps burn fat into energy, Garcinia Cambogia—a popular weight-loss supplement that helps control appetite and Guarana—which reduces fatigue and boosts energy.
How do you drink Luxe Slim coffee
Instructions for Use:
Dissolve one (1) sachet into hot or cold water. Drink two (2) to three (3) times daily, ideally before meal.

Luxe Slim – Caffe Macchiato Benefits:

Appetite Suppressant.
Powerful antioxidant.
Has an anti-inflammatory effect.
Contains vitamins.
Aids digestion.
Burns Fat.
Reduce the appearance of cellulite.


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