LOVE YOURSELF Affirmation Cards



These vibrant abstract Love Yourself Affirmation cards are full of motivational, empowering affirmations which help you look and feel differently about yourself.

Learning a healthy balance of self-love creates happiness and confidence. It allows you to have a healthy mindset and decreases stress and anxiety.

How to work with your Love Yourself Affirmation cards. You can shuffle the pack and choose one randomly to uplift your mood daily or when needed. This method can be particularly helpful if you like to work with spontaneous meaning and synchronicity.
The cards are designed so they are small enough to fit into a purse or wallet but big enough to lift your mood and change your mindset.

You can read through the cards and find one that you connect with to carry around with you through the day. It is totally up to you how you utilise them, work with them in a way that works best for you.

They are a perfect gift for anyone who is struggling with self-worth, self-confidence and inner value, helping them identify how awesome they are.

42X Laminated Affirmation cards, come in a plastic box for safe storage and can be wiped down to make sterile.


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  1. Jill Harrison

    Very efficient system, product received ver quickly, which was of high quality

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