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Leather Care Balsam – The ingredients have been blended to help clean, condition, nourish, polish, protect, waterproof and restore softness and colour, therefore preserving the life of your leather. This incredibly versatile balsam can be used to care for a range of other goods including bike wear, boots, clothing, furniture, riding tack, handbags and luggage, even on car bumpers and interiors. The balsam may darken some types of leather, especially if it has faded over time and with wear. If in doubt, always test on a small concealed area first.

Our Balsam consists of a blend of natural oils and waxes, Jojoba most commonly used for cosmetic purposes and composing of wax esters, is easily absorbed and the deep penetrating nature of jojoba oil feeds the leather skin keeping it supple and extending its life.

Beeswax softens, conditions, feeds, protects and helps waterproof leather.

Carnauba wax enhances the shine of beeswax and also waterproofs many leather products where it provides a high-gloss finish and increases leather’s hardness and durability.

Coconut oil in its pure form also helps to nourish and is easily absorbed helping to protect and prolong wear.

Apply to your leather goods sparingly, using a sponge for best results. DO NOT use on suede or chamois type leathers. Protect and revive your leather – Naturally!
50ml Pet Jar with natural screw top and application sponge

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I love gardening and the wonderful array of plants available, so many having powerful healing and nourishing properties. Inspired, I set about making my own oil infusions, I wanted to use the best products from nature on my skin and adding therapeutic grade essential oils resulted in

HDR Infusions being born.

Lots of friends requested oils for specific ailments they had, which got me thinking, ‘why not spread the joy, the healing, the nourishing and heavenly aromas for all to try’. Pulse Point Oils enables this to happen, made in small batches, at affordable cost and available worldwide from our website


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