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I’m revamping all my Foodie Coasters, and here’s the old friend I mentioned before… 😉

Irn Bru. In Scotland it’s not a soft-drink, it’s a religion. Seriously. You know how you can go into a supermarket down here in England and see most of the drinks aisle filled with Coke/Pepsi/various Colas? In Scotland nearly an entire supermarket aisle is dedicated solely to the fizzy orange goodness that is Irn Bru. And that’s a good thing.

I had the fortune to live in Scotland for five years, and to this day I still have three legacies of my time in the North; 1) my elder tomcat, Schroedinger (a fat, ginger, grumpy old man, bless him), 2) the tendency to lapse into a Scottish accent when swearing (there is NO better accent to swear in than Scottish), and 3) an unkickable addiction to Irn Bru. For all of you who DON’T live in the UK I VERY much recommend ordering some Irn Bru from Amazon or some other international snacks website. I can’t describe the taste, it has a taste all of it’s own, but if you want something cold, fizzy, sweet and refreshing you too MUST experience the majesty of The Bru. And here’s my tribute to this slice of Scottish goodness, for you to park it on!

There is no anti-slip coating on the back of this coaster; applying one would mean that it would be less able to be used for other purposes, so to give you more of a range of options the back of the coaster remains bare. If you need an anti-slip option you can order a stick-on cork pad separately in the store and they will be shipped with your order. The cork pads are sold, coincidentally, from single to pack of 8.

Dimensions: 120mm x 120mm x 4mm.

3D printed to order in tough, easily cleaned plastic and shipped directly to you. Bulk discounts will be agreed on a per-order basis. Order today!

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Seller Reviews

  1. Weloveourbees

    I actually got this for a friend of mine who is super wealthy, has all the jewelry she could ever want – and I didn’t know what to get her for Christmas – she also loves bees and when I gave her these earrings, she was absolutely THRILLED! They’re fun, bright – well made – and she wore these to a fancy Christmas party and got LOTS of great comments!!!!! I have a pair myself and am always getting great fun comments – they are just too cute for words!!!!! Great gifts for the bee lovers in your life – you can get regular honey bees or green orchid bee earrings – love love love them! Shipping was quick, but took a while to get here over Christmas (mail delays) but Trevor was very helpful and quick email responses. Great experience. Will buy more from you.

  2. Weloveourbees

    I live in Florida, and we get beautiful, shy green orchid bees – the males love clove oil, so I put clove oil on cotton balls, put it in the bee pod, and the little dudes come right away – rub the oil on the legs so it attracts the ladies! The bee pod is easy to take apart to put more clove oil in there – and several openings mean several orchid bees can come at the same time – it’s the most ingenious design – LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. You have made me and many male orchid bees very happy. The design is really cool, this little sphere hanging from our deck shade, so it looks cool as well as being very functional for the orchid bees. Trevor was super responsive to a question I had about shipping, great customer service, will be back. Thank you!

  3. Weloveourbees

    Outstanding customer service – the Bee Feeder is amazing, I put some cotton balls soaked with clove oil (must be food grade) and the male orchid bees flock to it – I like this design because of the canopy, protects the base from rain – will be ordering more. Trevor is very responsive to email inquiries (was a slight delay with mail over Christmas) – buy with confidence from him, I have bought quite a few things and he’s one of the best sellers out there. LOVE the bee feeder and the color is awesome!

  4. Ben Sharples

    Brilliant! Just brilliant! Original design and fun and cute as well! Really well printed, cool looks, and stupid (in the best way), perfect gift!

  5. Ben Sharples

    Absolutely superb design! Very cool, nerdy, and well coloured too! Perfect combination! I got them for my wife and she loved the mix of Trek and style! Great idea!

  6. joanna d.

    Outstanding customer service – the earrings are amazing! Great gifts for bee lovers – very happy with quality and service.

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