Incense Blend – Lammas, Lughnasadh, Especially selected herbs and resin


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The herbs within this blend have been chosen for their age old associations with Lammas (Lughnasadh), and the giving thanks for the coming harvest. This is a blend of flowers including rose, heather and mint and resin. Frankincense has been added because of its ability to release powerful vibrations to uplift those in the area, and drive away negativity and evil energies.

Each tin contains a blend of herbs and resin and has been measured and mixed individually, thereby ensuring that you receive the same mix time and time again. You will also receive 3 charcoal discs, information relating to burning your blend.

The burning of herbs for smudging and purification goes back centuries within many cultures as well as to clear spaces and people of negative energies. These days it is commonly used during meditation practices, wiccan rituals and as a way of cleansing ones home rather than using aerosol air-fresheners.

95% of our packing material is recyclable, we use no plastic in our packaging other than a small amount of Sellotape/packing tape, and a small amount of bubble wrap when necessary. We believe in looking after the planet and mother nature just as much as we believe in looking after our own wellbeing both physically, mentally and spiritually. Pictures provided with this listing that aren’t of the actual product being sold are to show our commitment to the planet and mother nature.

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Please note that by UK law we have to state that these ingredients, tools and spells are sold for entertainment use only. Please do not use these ingredients in place of seeking medical advice from your Doctor. Keep all ingredients away from children and pets. All items are sold for external use, and are intended for use in magical spells and charms not to be consumed. We can not be held responsible if you choose to consume these ingredients. Purchases should be 18 or over, and considered legally capable of forming a contract.

COVID-19 – We are taking all necessary precautions to ensure that all our herbs, tools, spells and packaging are being handled as recommended by the UK government. All items are stored and packed in clean and sterilised areas. We are aware that occasionally Royal Mail are struggling to meet their usual delivery times, at times this can result in a delay of up to a week. More information can be found about this on the Royal Mail website.

Enchanted Raven – Committed to helping you live an enlightened and magical life. Love and blessings.


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