Hobo Homicide: The Ultimate Character-Based Murder Mystery Board Game for 3-6 Players


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Overview : Hobo Homicide is a character based game, each player gets to play 1 of the 9 homeless characters, all of which have their own special ability. Use this ability while you traverse across the board, building your fortune of petty change. The streets are rough, you may find yourself brawling on the streets. The nights are cold, Drink to stay warm or find shelter. Carefully plan out your journey each day or you will find yourself in A&E!

A cross-dressing hobo has been murdered!
You might be the killer, you were too drunk to remember
Aim of the game is to get out of town fast
Character based game
Players get special abilities to help them travel the town and collect the most cash
You can even attack other players or simply avoid them
3-6 Players
60-90 minutes of game play
Ages 12+
Great game with/without drinks
Perfect for pre-drinks

Backstory : One fateful night, a cross-dressing homeless guy was brutally murdered… Are you next or were you the killer? There’s one ride left out of town so one lucky hobo may escape… this only goes to the highest bidder. Hobos must battle cold, blistering nights and attacks from their so-called ‘friends’. Use your hobo’s special abilities to conquer the streets and collect the most coins! Hobo Homicide will provide you with hours of entertainment! This versatile game provides a fresh and different experience every time you sit down and play. Within the instructions are some suggested drinking rules. Not only is the game perfect for any occasion but it also makes the perfect pre-drinks. Get some friends over and enjoy a night of drinking, gaming and laughter! You won’t regret slumming it with these peculiar ‘home-free’ fellows… And the hobos in the game! 😉

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