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175g pack recommended for x 4 bath rituals.

Vegan. Natural. Plant magick.

🛀🏽My herbal bath salt soaks are for invoking complete mind & body relaxation. Each submersion in these beautiful salts, helps to cleanse away negative energies, soothe skin ailments, ease muscle tension & aches, reduce water retention & aids in drawing out toxins from around your body.

🛀🏽Each healing blend will leave you feeling lighter, more stable, beautifully relaxed, smelling divine & feeling soft.

🛀🏽The gorgeous pink hue of these salt soaks is naturally derived, from me using organic beetroot & hibiscus during blending.

🛀🏽Each of my herbal makes is made with a pinch of magick, care & a lot of healing & loving intention.

🛀🏽I layer naturally formed, organic Epsom salts over time, with one of my homemade herbal macerations. I then infuse with a personal blend of dried herbs. My chosen combination is so soothing for the mind & body.

🛀🏽The body can absorb herbal blends through the skin by way of bathing. The amazing fragrances, energies & healing properties of the herbs within, make for a super special, healing potion & beautiful soak in the tub.

Why I choose to work with organic Epsom salts in all of my bath ritual creations;
Bathing in Epsom salts has been know help to improve the body’s natural detoxification process, connect you to nature & promote healing on many levels.

Did you know that these aren’t actually ‘salt’ but a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium & sulfate. Long known as a natural remedy for a number of ailments.

These two main ingredients of Epsom salts (magnesium & sulphate) combining, stimulates detoxification pathways.
Magnesium can help in assisting the body to get rid of toxins responsible for exacerbating inflammation, may help to reduce swelling, stiffness & pain.

I choose to work with these salts in my bath ritual creations because they are a powerhouse for softening rough, dry skin & exfoliating dead skin cells.

These little grains have been well known for hundreds of years & unlike other salts, have beneficial properties that can soothe the body, mind & soul.

Some of the herb magick within;
✨Hibiscus – A potent feminine flower which promotes clearer skin, firming & youthfulness.

✨Lavender – A skin healing, natural antiseptic that also promotes grounding, relaxation, eases stress & calms the mind.

✨Chamomile – Great for sensitive skin, as it calms, soothes & gently cleanses. Healing & kind to skin inflammation. Long used to help with anxiety & insomnia.

✨Calendula – The ‘sunshine herb’ of love & warmth, anti-fungal properties & is an inflammation modulator. Used for many years in medicinal products for healing wounds & soothing skin conditions.

✨Lime – A powerful cleanser, enriched with vit C. Rejuvenates, softens, clears & hydrates skin.

✨Ground beetroot – Helps to replenish dead skin cells, combat skin damage & poor pigmentation. This root vegetable is also an amazing ritual tool for connecting us to our root chakra.

Received with a scroll with more information & why I have chosen to work my special blend of herbs in these healing bath salts.
I recommend using a plug hole, herb capture. These are available to purchase from my shop. Please take care in the tub after your bath, as the oils and herbs used within can make surfaces more slippery. Always clean bath thoroughly after use to remove any residue.

Lovingly handmade with; Organic epsom salts, organic cornflour, organic beetroot, dried lavender, calendula petals, eucalyptus leaves, cornflower petals, dehydrated lime slices, rose petals, chamomile flowers, hibiscus flowers, pure lavender essential oil.

Enjoy the ritual. x

Thank you for checking out Clo’s roots & rituals. 🌱🙏🏼

*Keep pack sealed between uses & store in a dry area out of direct sunlight.
Do not ingest.

Thank you for checking out Clo’s roots & rituals. 🌱🙏🏼

**Please do not work with Clo’s roots and rituals herbal products if you have any herbal or nut allergies.
Please consult your medical care provider before using herbal products, particularly if you have a known medical condition, are undergoing treatment, taking any medication, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
Please note that it is possible to be sensitive to any ingredient be it natural or synthetic, therefore a small section of skin-24 hour skin patch test with each herbal product is recommended before regular use of any natural balm/oil/cosmetic on the skin.
Clo’s roots & rituals is not liable for any possible adverse reaction/side effects of any herbal products.
The customer must accept ownership & responsibility for their own health.
Thank you.


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