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Your mechanical skills are unparalleled and your knowledge of engineering unsurpassed. You do not need manuals to change cam chains and you scoff at those who buy special tools to change a clutch, yet your peers do not give you the respect you so clearly deserve. Now is the time to put them right and restore your hard earned reputation by donning this exclusive graphic tee and stunning the workshop by proclaiming to the world that you and only you are the ‘Head Bodger’. You don’t need super powers to wear this garment just an ancient screw driver, a lump hammer and massive balls.

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These T-shirts and Decals are here because I enjoy creating images and designs, Once the idea is out of my head and finished I sometimes share them on the web but I wanted to make something more tangible, something real that others might enjoy too.
Baldrick, Store Owner
ergonaut ltd trading as the Shed Built Tee & Sticker co.

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