Handy Metal ‘Mini Tins’ filled with Mints, Re-useable metal tin great novelty, practical gift


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*!!!*Please be aware that some of these tins have a more ‘Adult nature’ and do feature words that some may find offensive.*!!!*

Our handy metal tins have a sliding lid, for ease of opening and are filled with a well known brand of ‘suck-able’ great tasting mints*.
The lids are detailed with various engraved themes, from animals to antibiotics, coffee funds to car-parks. We even have some tins aimed at those who’d like their own pet dino, or their own lil’ army, even tins to keep that well earned pocket money safe in, til we get to the shops**.

The tins are made of a coated aluminium, which means they will not rust and should last a long time, dutifully storing your precious contents and it’s compact size, means it fits in any pocket, handbag, rucksack, glove-box or center console etc.

Do you find, you’ve never got change handy for that ‘cash only’ car-park? Do you have a battle trying to get the machine to recognize your perfectly functioning card? Our tins are great for storing around £10 in change, just for the aforementioned reasons. Enjoy the mints, chuck some change inside and store it inside your console or glove-box, ready for when it’s needed.
Our ‘Coffee Funds’ tin is great for those who save to treat themselves to a nice cup of (insert preferred coffee shop name here) coffee once in a while (not that we’re against a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate.) Use this to save up, with enough room to grab even the most grande of coffee sized treats.
Our tin of pet Dinosaurs, has 6 dino’s for you to look after, from a Stego, to a T-Rex, these cute lil guys will bring a smile to any prehistoric fan.
Be a General and grab your own tin of toy soldiers, these four battle hardened veterans, will guard whatever lands you task them to.
Our ‘Adult’ tins have a ‘more sensitive’ nature of wording and are perfect for that someone who likes to drop the f-bomb here and there, or maybe they’ve not many left to give. Either way our tins are a great gift with a swear-y humorous nature, ideal for a secret santa, or cheeky birthday gift.***
Our medicinal range of tins, cover the more pressing medical issues. These are a great novelty tins, with titles that play on humour and medication names.
Know someone who snores? or a person who ’embellishes the truth?’ Our medicinal range of tins are a perfect gift, to jokingly tell them about it. Why not grab a set? Enjoy a fake minty-medicinal, without the nasty taste or side effects (unless you’re allergic to these mints or aluminium of course).
Our tins can also be bought as a themed duo, or you can pick any three tins, for great savings on multiple tins.
Tins measure just over 5cm long, 3cm wide and 1cm deep.

*Mints are dated BBF End Sep 24′
**The inside contents of the tins, be it mints or wood shapes, are not suitable for ‘young persons’ especially those under 36 months. Care should be taken when allowing younger persons to handle the contents. Small parts could be swallowed and cause a choking hazard. This item is intended as more of a novelty item and not a toy!
***Tins that contain wooden shape(s) only come with a single pack of mints

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