Handmade Sterling Silver Russian Ring Necklace


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Three intertwined sterling silver rings each with a different finish. One plain ring, one gently textured and one beaded ring hung on a 45 cm sterling silver mini belcher chain.

This necklace is the perfect gift for birthdays, bridesmaid gifts, Mother’s Day, wedding jewellery or just making your special person smile! All Walter and Nancy jewellery arrives in a stylish W&N card jewellery box ready for gifting.

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5 Reviews for Walter and Nancy Jewellery

  1. steven waters

    Fantastic quality & design

  2. Heather Petrie

    Excellent service

  3. Jane T.

    So happy with my birthday bangles, great to see them being made on Instagram too. They are lovely, exactly what I asked for, thank you so much.

Contact Seller

Hi, I’m Rosie, maker, buyer, business person and photographer at W&N.

I was brought up in the stunning countryside of Northern Ireland and now live in the equality stunning countryside of the South of England. My happy place is out and about in the fields and hedgerows. I get so much pleasure from hand making your jewellery and pay special attention to ensuring a quality finish to all of W&N pieces. As each piece is handmade to order it can take up to two weeks, three if it needs hallmarking, before it’s posted. If, like me, sometimes you have left it until the last minute to search please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate your need.

Each piece comes beautifully presented in a Walter and Nancy card jewellery presentation box which fits through most letter boxes so no need to collect from the post office. Just beware if you have a dog who likes to eat your post!

I have always preferred Silver to any other metal, there is something about the clean, fresh sparkle which catches my eye every time!  For a number of years I have seen and admired a piece of silver handcrafted by Nancy’s good friend Dorothy.  Then I read an article about a silversmith in my favourite magazine and thought, ‘imagine being able to do that!’  So, numerous courses and a lot of practise later and I am on the most exciting journey!  The best bit of all is thinking about all the skills and techniques I can still learn!

Your Walter and Nancy silver jewellery is made from 925 sterling silver. Any sterling silver pieces which weigh over 7.78 grams need, in the U.K., to be hallmarked.  Any pieces which exceed this weight will be hallmarked by the London Assay Office.

Each piece is handmade, with small exceptions, for example the necklace chains (I am not that patient!) so each one will be unique but not too different to the photographs.


Bangle sizes are as follows and are approximate due to the nature and joy of being hand made!

Small has a diameter of approximately 60mm

Medium (most common size) has a diameter of approximately 65mm

Large has a diameter of approximately 70mm

Should you require a different size please contact me using the enquiry button or through email.



Care for Your Jewellery.
To keep your jewellery at its sparkling best, we advise you to take it off at night, give it a wipe with a jewellery cloth and keep it in a box or cloth pouch, this is also advisable when not wearing it for any length of time.  Sterling silver is liable to tarnish so it is worth trying not to expose it to water, perfume, chlorine, cosmetics and body lotions. The various beads and gemstones should be treated with care and I would advise keeping them away from water, perfume, chlorine, cosmetics and body lotions as well.

P.S. I don’t always follow my own advice and still enjoy wearing my sparkle.  However, when I do give it a little TLC the difference is amazing!
I hope you get as much pleasure wearing your jewellery as I have had making it!

Rosie  x

Please email me at walterandnancysilver@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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