Christmassy (and a little cheeky) Natural Skincare Eco Gift Box – Contains 1 x Jojoba Bar Approx 90g




Treat your friends and family to this beautiful handmade natural skincare gift box – Eco Friendly, Vegan or Vegetarian avalible.

This beautiful gift box contains :

1 x Hand made jojoba bar of your choice (Large bars approx 90g)

We offer a variety of bars to cater for a range of skin types from oily and acne prone skin to dry cracked skin using our unique natural recipes.


* Wildflower Honey & Oatmeal * 
This gently exfoliating bar is handmade using honey, oatmeal, Lavender & Cedarwood essential oils. Great for all skin but found to be especially beneficial for conditions such as Eczema & ‘chicken skin’.

* Oranges and Carrots *
A wonderful smelling bar, handmade with Sweet Orange essential oil & Carrots – Contains anti-aging/collagen boosting vitamins C, E and zinc. Very kind to all skin types even sensitive skin.

* Lemon Sherbet *
The Turmeric, Aloe Ferox, Lemongrass & Tea Tree essential oils in this handmade bar make an excellent acne treatment. Suitable for all skin; normal, oily, combination & dry.

* Lavender and Liquorice *
Liquorice tea is great for Psoriasis & Eczema. The Lavender and Aniseed Essential Oils create a deliciously unique scent. Suitable for all skin types.

* Green Tea *
Handmade using Green Tea. This extra soothing & moisturising face & body soap is developed for very dry, even cracked, skin. It is fragrance free for those who are extra sensitive.

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Lavender & Liquorice Bar, Lemon Sherbet Acne Bar, Oranges and Carrots Collegan Bar, The Sensitive Green Tea Bar, Wildflower Honey & Oatmeal Bar

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Soap without all the drama!
No spoilers.. Just Nature’s most intensely nourishing butters,
botanicals and essential oils


Authentic Skincare Create a Range of Jojoba Cleansing Bars, by Hand, from Natural Ingredients

Nourishing & Moisturising

Protecting from External Irritants & Bacteria

Designed to be Gentle on Sensitive Skin

We Understand, Respect & Share Your Concern
for Your Health & the Environment

You’ll Have Peace of Mind that You’re Not Being Exposed to Any Potentially Harmful Chemicals

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