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This nautical themed bottle light is cute, fun, bright and cheerful, and would be lovely for ‘boating’ people, or as a reminder of a Cornish holiday. It’s loosely inspired by all the pretty little fishing villages around Cornwall. It has been handmade with love, and I have trimmed the neck of the bottle with hessian thread and a wooden anchor and ships wheel, to complete the nautical theme. The designs are straight from my mind to my hand, so every one of these I make is slightly different. I usually sell these at exhibitions in and around Cornwall, and they are very popular. I have used several different kinds of paint, so that it has interest as a beautiful object during the day; and then in the evening when turned on, some of the different paints light up and create a pretty, soft, light. This light is wired with Rechargeable led lights. To turn it on you simply twist the clear bit at the base of the cork section. I have been testing these, and you should get a good 8 – 10 hours light per charge. When the battery goes flat, simply pop off the cork bit and plug into a USB socket for 20 minutes – no fuss, no mess, no waste! The Cork has 15 yellowy warm white leds on it, that trail down through the bottle; and it offers up a soft, gentle illumination. Because it is cable free, the design goes all around the bottle in a continuous flow, with the little yachts bobbing on the sea. This has the added bonus of being able to be in the centre of the table, as there is no ‘back’ to the design. These bottle lights are also perfect for taking out into the garden of an evening, for a soft, gentle illumination, over a glass of wine or BBQ. But don’t leave outside! Perfect too for caravans, camper vans, or indeed boats! I like making these little lights, as they are fun to make, and I can go where my whimsy takes me at that moment in time! They are also a wonderful way for me to upcycle a beautifully shaped bottle, and are about as eco friendly as it gets. So why not treat a loved one, or yourself – you deserve it! They would be a bonny addition to anyone’s home. I should say that these lights are particularly difficult to photograph at night when turned on, and I don’t feel the night time photo’s quite do it justice. I’ve reduced the ‘light flashback’ on the images as best as I can, but the daytime pictures are probably the best for seeing the details. And because its rechargeable, it would be perfect for those unexpected power cuts! We live very rurally, and it’s not uncommon for our electricity to go off when we have a storm – which happens with increasing regularity, and I always have a few of these charged, in the house, for emergencies (easy to carry from room to room too) So much better than battery powered, which are inevitably flat when required in a hurry! I make new ones of these as I go along, so I always try to have at least one in stock.

I am an artist living in Cornwall, and I specialise in making lights. I use old glass vessels or bottles, and make eco friendly lights. I only use super low energy led technology, and by repurposing old vessels, I can aid my green ideals. Occasionally I get hold of other old glass vessels, and turn them into ‘new’, mini works of art – I am all about light and colour. My main motivation behind my work, aside of it being planet friendly (I want my kids and grandkids to be proud of what I do) is simply to make people smile. We are living in dark, bleak, times, and my mission is to push back that darkness, one tiny light at a time, and bring joy in the process. I usually only sell my work at exhibitions, 2 or 3 times a year, but covid has put pay to that, so late in 2020 I decided to try and sell my wares online. Seeing as the arts is looking like it’s going to spend the next few years on its knees, I am continuing to make fresh pieces, and am hoping I can continue selling objects on here. Thank you for supporting my tiny one woman business. I don’t make a huge amount of lights each year (I have quite serious problems with my hands) but it does mean that my work is quite sought after – or was before covid changed the face of the art world – in the way it has changed everything sadly. I use Royal Mail for postage, which is free, UK only.

I am happy to post items direct to the lucky recipient, if it is a gift, and write a note to go with it. If you have a safe space for your parcel to be left, just write me a message on your order, and I will write it on the outside of the packing. Many thanks.


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