Handcrafted Fabric Gnomes


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All Gnomes are approx 35cms in length and the measurements are taken from the top of their hats to the tip of their boots when lying in a sideways fashion.
No two Gnomes are the same. This appears to be impossible even went I want it to be so. They develop their own character as I make them.
Created using a wide variety of fabrics and containing a small bag of weighting beads in the body, these Gnomes are for ornamental purposes only and not toys.
All beards are faux fur.
Orders for posting will be sent in a box which will be padded with recycled shredded paper.
All UK orders for Christmas 2018 will have free P&P. Overseas costs upon request.
Further photos can be sent if required.

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I started making Gnomes as a hobby and a way to relax. It took quite a few attempts at the design of each part before I was happy enough to add it to one of the chaps. I am continually working on different approaches and ideas.

Each little part is made and then comes the best bit…. Assembling them! Slowly, each little character starts forming and finally, that’s it. I sit them on my mantlepiece for a few days so that I can see them without the scrutiny used while sewing. I can then tell if anything needs tweaked.

Then, that’s it.

I tend to have a little break between batches and work on completely different Crafts but whatever else I’m working on, my thoughts drift off to my next little chaps and eventually I’m clearing the decks of paint or whatever and the fabrics are back out.


I have a new Facebook page called ‘Clootie Dumplin Crafts’ which is slowly replacing the original blog ‘Clootie Dumplin’
This new one was set up to allow customers to directly post photos / postcards of their Gnomes and antics.

I’ve received a lot of photos from all around the world. My guys are well travelled Gnomes indeed.

The Gnomes take quite some time to make and each one is unique. I may create a similar one in a small batch but it will never be identical. This is always explained when a customer asks for ‘one like that’. I’ve tried doing copies but it just doesn’t happen. Each one is an individual.

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