Hand painted tooth fairy collection point door



Let me tell you the story behind the tooth fairy doors……
My son is autistic and when his cousin who is a year older than him lost his first tooth my son thought it was great that the tooth fairy comes and takes the tooth and leaves you a nice shiny pound coin for it, well this is until he found out it goes under your pillow! To which he had the biggest melt down that a strange fairy would be coming near his face (he cant bare close contact) while he was asleep. Well anyone with autistic children can probably relate to the couple of weeks of issues we had after!
So I came across these fantastic little doors, painted it and placed it up close to the skirting board in his room, and told him for special little boys and girls like him there is a special fairy door collection point to collect their tooth.
So after lots of questions from him he was now more than happy to lose a tooth and get his pound!!!


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I’m a work from home mum with 3 children age 14, 16 & 24 who have all followed in the crafting footsteps

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