Green Tea Jojoba soaps-face&body-frangrance free, Intense hydration for dry sensitive skin. Vegan


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Green Tea Jojoba soaps – face & body – frangrance free, extra dry, extra sensitive, cracked skin, VERY moisturising, antioxidants, soothing , prone to cracking,
This soap contains 10% free Jojoba oil to provide intense hydration to support the repair of cracked skin.

* Hand made
* 100g
* Vegan
* 100% natural
* Fully certified
* 100% Biodegradable
* Minimal packaging, made from recycled paper – no plastic required!
* No additional scent added for extra delicate skin
* Draws moisture into the skin leaving it silky, smooth and hydrated
* Wound healing – helps insulate & protect the skin from drying out
* Anti-inflammatory – reducing swelling caused by irritated skin
* Leaves a protective barrier on the skin
* Non-greasy feel
* Antioxidants – help to slow down the aging process
* Stimulates collagen synthesis

It’s extra moisturising for the face and body.

Completely Fragrance free – just the deliciously natural and delicate aroma of the green tea.

The green tea makes this bar extra soft and smooth on your skin and is full of antioxidants.

This soap contains more than the usual amount of jojoba oil to soften dry skin, help prevent further cracking and allowing your skin to heal. You don’t have to take my word for it, this feedback was received only last month!.

“I feel using this soap has prevented the formation of cracks in the skin on my hands, so therefore I have been very impressed with this soap”.


Other ingredients…

COCONUT OIL – An ideal, deep and thorough cleanser.

MANGO BUTTER – has unique repairing and protecting properties.

SHEA BUTTER – helps the body produce more collagen.

RICE BRAN OIL – deeply penetrate the skin nourishing it from within. Helps to even out the skin tone.

OLIVE OIL – humectants properties increasing the water retention capacity of the skin.

CASTOR OIL – fades blemishes, scars and uneven skin tone.

JOJOBA OIL – readily accepted by our bodies, fully absorbing into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth and with a protective barrier.

Feed your skin with the nourishment required for it to glow with health and vitality, so it won’t merely be ‘healthy looking’ but it will glow beautifully because it is truly healthy!


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Soap without all the drama!
No spoilers.. Just Nature’s most intensely nourishing butters,
botanicals and essential oils


Authentic Skincare Create a Range of Jojoba Cleansing Bars, by Hand, from Natural Ingredients

Nourishing & Moisturising

Protecting from External Irritants & Bacteria

Designed to be Gentle on Sensitive Skin

We Understand, Respect & Share Your Concern
for Your Health & the Environment

You’ll Have Peace of Mind that You’re Not Being Exposed to Any Potentially Harmful Chemicals

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