Green Malachite Crystal with Silver Owl Charms Bracelet


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Green Malachite Crystal with Silver Owl Charms Bracelet
Crystals: 6 Green Malachite – Important Protection Stone
Green Malachite is perhaps one of the finest protection crystals with the ability to protect the wearer from pollutants and negative energies. But not just the wearer, this amazing little stone can also de-pollute and protect the wearers home environment!
There is also a little known skill that Green Malachite has (which is why it is so sought after by wiccans and witches), it can foster unconditional love and compassion … yes, just like rose quartz, and the combining of these two crystals can have quite a compelling effect, but Green Malachite in the masculine energy, whereas the rose quartz promotes feminine energy.
In short … one is won by one person and the other wears the other one and when they both meet … BOOM! True unconditional love energy and passion, lots and lots of passion!
Absolutely not much use to the ladies of crystal work and magic at all really! (The secret’s out now ladies!)
Charms: Three Tibetan Silver Owls – Chosen to connect the wearer to lunar energy from the moon.
Size: 3 inches across the middle (expandable)
This wonderful charm bracelet is unique in design and hand made right here in Kernow (Cornwall). All of the crystals used are cleansed and Reiki charged by our resident Reiki Master. The charms and spacers used are Tibetan silver and have been carefully selected to compliment this bracelet.
All of our charm bracelets expand to fit over your hand and will fit most adults wrists comfortably. (We have given an approximate measurement across the middle of the bracelet as a general guide). AND all of our jewellery items come in one of our beautiful organza bags for FREE!

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