Most unique and personal gifts, are handmade .....that`s why I thought to bring something new to personalized and decorative gifts market . I`m putting in , all the patience , skills and love required and I want my frames to really show it. These frames are 3D paper art illustrations , pieced together by hand till the smallest detail . Can be personalized and highlight ones features to resemble him/her, texts and specific decorations , can be custom made and added . I`m a perfectionist through nature and I`m restless , till every single detail looks perfect ! The frames that you are going to see, are  unique in UK, so that offers you the chance of owning or offering a truly special piece of decoration , either to own it , or offer it as a special piece of decoration ! The execution time , varies between 3 and over 12 hours! I hope you`ll enjoy it and I`ll hear from you soon!


Graduation – 3D Unique Personalized Gifts ,Framed Paper Art

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If you`re looking for a Unique, Personalized , custom made graduation gift for your little one , look no further …..
Handcrafted unique 3D Paper Art decorative illustration in a white wood and glass frame which can be hanged .
I can personalize it on request , with any color , name, hairstyle or hair color , eye color, to resemble the person you are intending to offer .
This design is the only one ready made, but a name , date or promotion can be added before dispatching !
I can take orders and customized it with dates , class etc…
It can be of a different size and frame color, all these details can be discussed in private
I have other designs available, please check my store and my facebook page for videos of all of the frames.
Dimensions 7.6 x 7.6 x 1.25 inches
Execution time about 3 hours !
Thanks for looking !

I`m a young artist , living in London since 2008.

I`m artistic and perfectionist by nature, but never really took it into account till now , as I haven`t been encouraged .Till no long ago, I used to have a normal life and a full time job, but life brought me across it, just recently , due to a back injury which forced me to quit my full time job and become incapable to work for the time being . As I`m very ambitious and independent , I decided to start doing something on my own , did a lot of research and learned to create  these lovely frames

This , helped me to stay positive during the period I was suffering and loosing my job , I felt like …all had happened with a reason ….the reason, to truly discover  what I was meant to do, on this earth . So I put in ,all the love and dedication .

Have had only started, 5 months ago and even thought everyone loved my creations, did`nt get to sell much! My confidence has shaken a little bit, but life, and other successful people stories , has taught me that, in order to achieve your goals…you need to fight hard for it , you need to keep it up and don`t let the rejections  to put you  down , you need to keep trying and do all that stand in your power to make yourself known …….so that`s what I`m planning to do !

This is the beginning of my  story …….what will be further…..we`ll see …..Keep close !

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