Perfance is a local family run business based in Cheshire, England founded by a woman with life's experience in skincare industry.

"I started making my first products purely for my own use. I have a very troubled skin - Oily and always shiny, I always had a problem with breakouts. I use to buy one product and at first, it works and then I had to jump into something else and keep changing my skincare routine. I started running my own beauty blog and studying ingredients in highend skincare and realised that a skincare industry is far from natural and industry is fraudulent. My husband encouraged me to start making my own products, then my friends tried it and loved it! Now everything in my home is homemade - from face creams, healing salves to hand soaps and natural cleaners. It is not only affordable but spacial and brings value to our lives" Alina Perfance

We try our best to ditch plastic packaging - so most of our products packed in aluminium tins, amber glass jars and aluminium lids. 


French Yellow Soothing Mask: Chamomile, Comfrey, Ginger, Seaweed 100ml Glass Jar, Plastic Free



This creamy and soothing Yellow Mask prepared with Chamomile Flower Water, Comfrey Extract, Ginger and Seaweed Extract is a treat for when your skin feels Dry, Irritated, Tired or Sensitive.
You can use it twice a day as apply-wash-off face cleanser or just like a regular facial mask.
Works best for Dry and Sensitive Skin as it’s healing propertied cures even a serious skin conditions (psoriasis, eczema, broken veins, rosacea).
Apply, leave for under five minutes and wash off – skin is smooth and supple, lightly exfoliated and moisturised with Argan Oil.
Handcrafted in small batches in Cheshire, England
Vegan, Plastic free, environmental friendly
French Yellow Clay – healing and micro-exfoliating texture rich in Iron Dioxides (present in mineral make up) but free from Aluminium
Chamomile Flower Water is soothing and healing, removes redness instantly
Comfrey Extract – healing even extremely damaged skin, proven to treat flare ups of rosacea, psoriasis and eczema, rich in vitamin C
Ginger – stops inflammation, improve skin over time, strong natural antioxidant
Seaweed – antiageing, skin feeding, soothing, antioxidant
Creamy and gentle with natural Chamomile and Ginger scent
Packaging: Glass Jar with Aluminium Lid
Perfance is a local Independent brand based in Chester, England founded by Alina Perfance – a woman who has been in the Beauty Industry for over eight years.

“I started making my first beauty products purely for my own use as I couldn’t find that perfect product on the beauty market. Working in the Cosmetic Industry I started realising that all beauty products are too far from natural content. Makes no sense to pay a lot of money for Glycerine, Silicones, Mineral Oil and Artificial Fragrances in a jar.”
Alina Perfance
Trying our products will completely change the way you think about natural skincare, the environment and the beauty industry
We always use unique ingredients from the best parts of the world, always Organic and EcoCert, Cold Pressed or Raw Unrefined Butters & Oils
We test on ourselves before we launch any new products
We are Vegan, Cruelty-Free and our products are tested only on People
All our products formulated without artificial ingredients like Mineral Oil or Texture enhancers like Polymers and Silicones
80% of our beauty packaging is Recyclable or Reusable and we are working on increasing this number
All our products are Handcrafted in England

I use to work for a skincare industry and I thought that was my life, but my life is only has started from the day I have created something really natural and meaningful


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