Elite Shungite 30gm min pieces Powerful Healing Stones & Natural Chakra & EMF protection, Healing


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Shungite: ELITE Stones
(Elite are Grade 1)
30g minimum weight stones x1

The Health benefits of shungite are wide ranging, below is further reading for you regarding them.
Shungite is:
Immunostimulant- in the absence of a response to the stimulation of the IgE
Protection from ionizing and noniodizing radiation
Electrically conductive
Protects us from harmful EMF’s
Neutralises toxins within the body

On the energetic level, shungite is a protector, clearing negativity (no need to cleanse shungite) amplifier for other crystals, timeline shifter & powerful manifesting partner to you.

The following results are from the work with Shungite by Grigory Andrievsky.
Shungite works as an adaptogen: operating at both the cellular level and at the level of the whole body at the same time, this is because shungite creates a ‘field’

Natural Fullerenes from Shungite not only have the ability to reduce the concentration of the free radicals as no other antioxidant can, but their action is stronger and it lasts longer; acting as catalyzers, attracting free radicals that end stuck to it, covering its entire football shaped surface leading to their molecular transformation into a neutral compound, with the shungite molecule still attracting more free radicals.

Shungite normalises cellular metabolism
Shungite increases enzymatic activity
Stimulating the ability to regenerate tissue
Increasing the resistance of the body’s cells
Posses anti-inflammatory properties
Fosters the exchange of new nurotransmitters
Acts against toxins neutralising them in the body
Significantly increases the stabilising bio-molecules
that have been exposed to excess heat, speeding up healing for internal organs resulting in burns and other necrotic processes (high-fevers -vaccinations)
Blood levels return to normal extremely quickly in patients having radiation therapy for cancer
The following results are from the work with Shungite by Nina Kolesnikova and her team.
A 10-15min bath stabilised the condition of people who had hypotension, psoriasis and joint problems, it also increased their well-being and desire to return to normal physically active life.
A paste made with shungite powder applied to psoriasis; joint issues for 20-30 mis for several successive days, created a reduction in lesions, lessening of pain, increase in joint mobility, decrease in joint stiffness.
Shungite was also used as a mouthwash for soar throats, stomatitis and periodontists and gave good results.
With 100ml dosage of shungite water on an empty stomach with significant results for chronic colitis, gastritis, pancreatitis and cholecystitis, including having a toning and anti-inflammatory effect, reducing bloating, acid reflux. Also noted was the reduction in the amounts of medication needed by these patients.

Shungite is electrically conductive, as well it excites other molecules around it.
Shungite reverses the spin of Wi-Fi and other EMF frequencies, the result is that our computer and mobile devices are no longer harmful to us and other around us.

We hope that this info is useful to you
best wishes
Cassie + Rich
All statements regarding our Shungite products are considered ‘anecdotal’ at this time.
Disclaimer: These Statements and any product made by us are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease


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Oraphim: Cassie & Richard are both Creative Artists/makers/inventors!
Richard especially loves making the pyramids, in his past has made many proof of concept ‘free energy’ devices, including Tesla coils, earth batteries, radiant energy devices & is an energy sensitive empath, he was an Operating Theatre Technician being responsible for the workings of all the machines as well as being instrumental in the introduction of the ‘Cell saver’ which is a blood vortexing machine, delivering the cleaned blood straight back to the patient during an operation.
Cassie focuses on the stunning pendants, befor shungite she had engaged with Sheffield University (UK) as an external Collaborator with various Dr’s & Professors, devising & delivering many medical educational exhibits & teaching tools & artworks. Her passion for the Shungite Molecule started nearly 20 years ago, having made beautiful bamboo geodomes following the work of Buckminster Fuller to discover the fullerene in shungite once she began working with it!
Now together, our intention is to make Shungite information and products available in easy, useable, affordable and beautiful forms…

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