Elegant Yellow Zircon Silver Ring


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When you look at me I am like a burst of sunshine on a rainy day. I sparkle into your eyes from every angle to show you my whole beauty.
Little circles around me-yellow zircon are the rays of the sun. I want to be your positive vibe every day and bring you happiness!
I am made from the best quality sterling silver and polished in the way you could see your own reflection.

Information about the ring:

Total weight – 3.4g (925 Sterling Silver)
The thickness – 1.35mm
Length – 24.16mm
Width – 20.20mm


**Ring comes in a beautiful navy box with a printed logo inside and wrapped with burgundy satin**

Product Enquiry

My name is Karolis and I am the witcher of Emperor of Grace jewellery!

Passion to create comes from childhood. I was a very different kid back then and spent so much time indoors playing with plasticine. I was creating all sort of characters with fine details. While growing up I finished Arts School and then Arts University where I gain Jewellers profession.

My journey began by working for well-known artists in my home country Lithuania. But I was never fully happy working for the others. My inner voice was always telling me that I have to show my own creations to the world. This is how I moved here to the United Kingdom to start my own jewellery business.

My inspiration comes from our Mother Nature, fantasy, books and religion.