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‘EASY EARTHERS’- Shungite for your Meridian system through your sole!
These are to assist the user in ‘grounding’ to promote health.

Here at Oraphim we super boost the shungite’s active field by putting it through a multi stage process,
which includes staturating the pure shungite powder with an elite shungite ionic silver solution which has also been vortexed.

They are approximately 40mm x 40mm stickers that have been laminated so you can swap them between shoes/under your inner sole in your shoes,
in your wallet/purse or any where else you can think of and the pack contains 3 Pairs

The conducting properties of shungite minerals create radio shielding and radio absorbing properties to reduce the levels of electromagnetic radiation with a frequency 10–30 GHz, and electric fields with a frequency of 50 Hz, this research is published by:
International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research Issue 3 volume 6, Nov.-Dec. 2013
The structure and composition of natural carbonaceous fullerene containing mineral shungite
Oleg Mosin1 and Ignat Ignatov2* 1 Moscow State University of Applied Biotechnology, Moscow 119554, Russia 2 Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics, Sofia 1111, Bulgaria

Fullerenes were discovered in 1985 by laser irradiation of solid graphite [8Kroto, H.W., Heath, J.R. and O’Brien, S.C. (1985) C60: Buckminsterfullerene. Nature 318, 162–168.]. Later, fullerene like structures were observed not only in the graphite, but also in carbon soot formed in an arc electrical discharge on graphite electrodes, as well in shungite (0.001–0.0001% (w/w)) [9]. Crystal formed from fullerene molecules (fullerite) is a molecular crystal, a transitional form between the organic and inorganic matter.
Fullerenes are used in bio-nanotechnology, electronics, medicine, aerospace and military technology, in the manufacture of new technical products, new steels and ferroalloys, construction and composition materials, refractory materials, paints, as well as they are used in water treatment.


I hope that the extra science info is useful to you in understanding how beneficial shungite is to the user.

Many thanks for looking at my listing, if you have any further questions please do get in touch


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