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Perfect for monster manuals, player handbooks, campaign books or just ordinary books, these extraordinary Dungeons and Dragons dice custom bookmarks are unique!

Plenty in stock, and ready to ship immediately – and we ship fast and free in the UK, and below cost internationally.

Each book thong is completely individual, as we use a carefully chosen selection of new and reclaimed beads to compliment the die, hand knotted on to the cord.

Please choose your preferred main colour from the drop down list – and if you would like a specific die, for example a D20, just let us know!

The hard wearing pure linen black cord, lightly waxed for extra durability, nestles snugly into the spine of your book, causing no damage to pages.

At approximately 12 inches long plus the beaded ends, the standard thong fits most size books.

Custom orders are welcomed if you would prefer a longer thong, for your campaign book as an example. Just let me know when ordering if you need a 14 inch length for an A4 campaign book.

Thoughtfully packaged in compostable and recycled materials, and presented gift wrapped in tissue and twine with a free small gift tag, these book thongs will slip easily inside a greeting card..or book!

ALSO AVAILABLE – the Dungeon Masters Gift Set – a full set of all seven dice as book thongs, at a discounted price of £40. The ultimate accessory for your campaign books, or really nice gifts for your players!

Please contact me if interested, as I will create a custom order for the gift set, just for you!

• 1 each of the following: d4,d6,d8,d10,d10(00-90),d12,d20

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01 – bright red, 01 Baby Blue, 01-26 duckegg blue, 01-iridescent, 02 – wine, 02 Baby Pink, 02-04 purple, 02-05 pink, 02-19 cream, 02-31 blue, 02-51 navy, 02-Pink Clear, 03 – mustard, 03 Green, 03-Peach, 04 – margarita green, 04 Lilac, 04 Silver, 04-Barbie Pink, 05 – pickle green, 05 Pink & Blue Blend, 05 Pink and Blue Blend, 05-Rose Pink, 06 – teal, 06 Gold, 07 – navy, 07- Dark Pink, 08 – ox blood, 08 – purple, 08- Multi Pink, 09 – ox blood, 1, 1 – bright red, 1.Yellow, 10, 10 – bright pink, 10.Turquoise, 11, 11 – light pink, 11-70 burgandy, 11-70 red, 12, 12 – grey, 14k Gold Fill, 14k Rose Gold Fill, 2, 2 – wine, 2 Tone Salmon and Grey, 2.Orange, 3, 3 – mustard, 3.Red, 38mm fridge magnet, 4, 4 – margarita green, 4.Light Pink, 5, 5 – pickle green, 5.Dark Pink, 6, 6 – teal, 6.Purple, 6a, 6b, 7, 7 – navy, 7.Dark Blue, 8, 8 – purple, 8.Light Blue, 9, 9 – ox blood, 9.Mint, 925 Sterling Silver, A, A Sea Glass Marble, Algate Red, Alien Pearl (random dichroic colour), All gold, All green, All red, All silver, Amber, Antique Gold, Antique Mahogany, Antique silver tone, Apple Green, Aqua, Aqua and Green, Aqua mix, Argentum, Ash(S) – Cherry(F), Ash(S) – Maple(F), Ash(S) – Walnut(F), Ash(S)(F), autumn glow/summer glow, B, B Sea Glass Marble, baby blue, baby pink, Beige, Birch Colour Frame, Black, Black & White Animal Print, Black and Blue Huggy Hat, black and green, Black and Lemon, Black and Lilac, Black and Pink, Black and Royal Blue, Black and white, Black and White Animal Print, Black case with orange lettering, Black case with white lettering, Black case without words, Black Foil, Black Frame, Black Glitter, Black Glitter Tails, Black Lettering, Black Print, Black Red and Green, BLACK RIBBON, Black spinel, Black Text, Black with black background, black with brown face, Black with white lettering, blank, Blossom Pink, Blue, blue and brown, blue and white, Blue Balloon, blue envelope, Blue Feather, Blue Fleck, Blue floral, Blue Gems, Blue Lagoon, Blue Lettering, blue light, blue pillow case, blue piping, blue present, BLUE RIBBON, Blue scarf/hem, Blue Spots, Blue Stripe, Blue Tape, Blue tartan, Blue tones, Blue topaz, Blue-white dots, Blue, Black and Silver Vinyl, blue/green, Blush pink, Bottle Green, Brass, Brick Red, Bright Blue, Bright Green, Bright Pink, Bright Silver Tone, Brilliant Blue, Bronze, Brown, Brown / Silver, Brown bear, Brown Lettering, Brown/Amber, Brown/Silver, burgundy, burnt orange, Buttercup, C, C Sea Glass Marble, cad purple, Candy Pink, Carribbean Teal, Cerise, Cerise Pink Foil, champagne, Champagne Glitter, Champagne Gold, Charcoal, Charcoal Grey, Cherry Black, Cherry Red, Cherry(S) – Ash(F), Cherry(S) – Maple(F), Cherry(S) – Walnut(F), Cherry(S)(F), Choose For Me, Christmas Twine, Chrome, Chrome Finish, Citrine, citrus, Citrus Burst, Clear, Clear Beeswax, Clear topaz, Clear/Blue, Clear/Hot Pink, Clear/Peridot Green, Clear/Red, Clear/Teal Green, Coconut, colour, Colour 3, Colour Options, Colour1, Cool Aqua, Copper, coral, Cornflower, cornflower blue, Cream, Cream and gold, Cream and Turquoise, Creme White, Crocus Purple, custom colour-leave a note at checkout, Cyan Blue, D, Dark / Light Pink, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Dark charcoal grey, Dark Green, Dark green size L, Dark Grey, Dark Oak, Dark Orange, Dark Pink, Dark plum, Dark Purple, Dark Red, Dark Wash Denim, Dark Yellow, Deep Pink Print, Deep Red, Denim Blue, Dove Grey, Duck Egg, Duck Egg Blue, Duck Egg Blue Seagull Print, Dusky Pink, E, Earth tones, Ecru, Eggplant, emerald green, Evergreen, F, Fawn, Flame Red, flashing multi colour light, fluffy red, Frame Colour, Freshwater Pearls, Frosted, Fuchsia, Fushia, G, Garnet studs – red, Gift Box Red/White Twine, Gift Box Silver/White Twine, gin and tonic, Ginger Bread House, Xmas Tree, Cupcake and Candy Cane, Glitter, Glitter Black, Glitter Blue, Glitter Brown, Glitter Gold, Glitter Green, glitter pink, glitter purple, Glitter Red, Glitter Red & Glitter Gold, glitter rose gold, glitter silver, Glitter Silver & Glitter Purple, Glitter Silver & Purple, Glitter White, Glittery purple, Glossy blue, Gold, Gold Background, Gold Bauble, Gold Box with Red Font, Gold Colour Steel, Gold Finish, Gold Foil, gold glitter, Gold Outline, Gold Print, Gold Ribbon, Gold Shimmer, Gold Text, Gold- Ribbon Colour, gold/silver, Golden Yellow, Goldstone, Green, Green and White, Green Background, green blue red pink, Green Bottle with Green Sea Glass, green envelope, Green Fleck, green floral, Green Foil, Green Glitter Tails, Green Lettering, Green Lightsaber, green presant, green present, GREEN RIBBON, Green topaz, green yellow orange, green yellow white, Green- Ribbon Colour, Green, Gold and Black Vinyl, Green/Brown, Green/Orange, Grey, Grey & Peach, grey and pink, Grey and White Twine, Grey Melange, grey with black face, Grey/Blue, Gunmetal Finish, H, Heather, hessian, Holly and green border, Holly with gold border, Holographic Gold, Holographic Pink, Holographic Silver, Honey/Amber, hot pink, Humbug, Inkless, international unframed, iridescent green, Iridescent Green Bauble, iridescent purple, Iridescent Purple Bauble, ivory, Jacobean, Jasmine, Khaki Bamboo Leaf Print, Kraft (brown), Lapis Lazuli, Lavender, Leave Colour Request at Checkout, lemon, Light / Dark Pink, Light Blue, Light Brown, Light Copper, Light Denim, Light Green, Light Grey, Light lilac, Light Mustard/Camel, Light Oak, Light Orange, Light Pink, Light plum, Light Purple, Light Red, Light Wash Denim, Light Yellow, lilac, lime, Lime green, Lively Lemongrass, Luscious Lavender, Maple(S) – Ash(F), Maple(S) – Cherry(F), Maple(S) – Walnut(F), Maple(S)(F), margarita, Maroon, martini, Matt Black, Matt Gold, Matte blue, Matte purple, Mauve, Merlot, Metallic Pink, Metallic Purple, Mid Blue, Military Green, mint green, Mist, Mixed, Mocha, mojito, morning meadow, Moss, Moss Green, Mouse Grey, Multi, multi with pom pom, Multi-Coloured Xmas Trees, Multicolour, Multicoloured 1, Multicoloured 2, Multicoloured 3, Mustard, mustard & pink hearts, Mustard 1, Mustard 2, mustard/pink, natural, Natural Jute String, natural wood, Navy, navy blue, navy piping, neon orange, neon pink, neon yellow, No colour, No Finish, No Second Colour Required, No words, picture only, Nude, Oak, Obsidian Snowflake, Ocean, Off white, Old Gold, Old Pine, Olive Green, Orange, orange and black, Orange and Green, Orange Glitter Tails, orange hearts, Orange Lettering, Orange topaz, orange white green, Orange/Brown, Other, Other – Please message, Other – please specify, Other colour choice – detail in checkout, other colour-leave note at checkout, Oyster, Oystert, Pale Aqua Green and Turquoise, Pale aqua size M, Pale Blue, Pale Blue & White, Pale Blue Denim, Pale Blue Foil, Pale Blue Lettering, Pale Green, Pale Grey, Pale pink, Pale Pink Foil, Palest Peach, pastel, Pastel Blue, Pastel Ombre, Peach, Peach & Grey, Peach and grey, Peacock, Pearl, Pearlescent, Pebble, personalised download, pina colada, Pink, Pink / Silver, Pink and Blue, Pink and Green Candy Stripe, Pink and Green Stripe, pink and purple, Pink Background, Pink Balloon, Pink Black Lettering, pink blue yellow, Pink Card, Pink Feather, Pink Fleck, Pink floral, Pink Frill, Pink Gems, pink hearts, Pink Lemonade, Pink Lettering, Pink Lipd, Pink Lips, Pink Marl, pink mix, pink pillow case, pink piping, PINK RIBBON, Pink Scarf, Pink scarf/hem, Pink Spots, Pink Stripe, pink tree circles, pink white, Pink, Black and Silver Vinyl, pink/black Glitter, pink/mustard, Pink/orange, Pink/Silver, Plain Glass Colour (select your colour), please state your chosen colour for at the bottom and collar at checkout., plum, pompom, poppy red, primary, Prussian Blue, Purple, Purple Balloon, Purple Card, Purple Foil, Purple Glitter Tails, purple mix, Purple Print, Purple Scarf, Purple tartan, Purple topaz, Purple Tweed, purple with pink face, Purple/Silver, Rainbow, Rainbow Candy Stripe, Rainbow Frill, Rainbow moonstone studs -milky white, Rainbow orange, Rainbow red, Rainbow Stripe, Raspberry, Raspberry Ripple, Recycled Denim Dark Wash, Recycled Denim Light Blue, Recycled Denim Light Wash, Recycled Denim Spray Blue, Red, Red / Silver, Red & Black, Red and Black, red and blue, red and gold, red and white, Red and White Twine, Red Balloon, Red box with Gold Font, Red Foil, Red Frill, Red Glitter, Red Heart, Red Hot, Red Lettering, red light, Red Lightsaber, Red Lips, Red On Top Of White, red pillow case, red purple blue, RED RIBBON, Red scarf/hem, Red Strawberry, Red Tape, Red tones, Red topaz, Red wine, red yellow blue pink, Red- Ribbon Colour, Red-brown, Red, Black and Gold Vinyl, Red/Brown, Red/Silver, red/white, Ribbon Colour- Gold, Ribbon Colour- Green, Ribbon Colour- Red, Ribbon Colour- Silver, Ribbon Colour- Spakley Silver, Ribbon Colour- Sparkly Gold, Ribbon Colour- Sparkly Green, Ribbon Colour- Sparkly Red, Ribbon Colour- White, rich red, Rose, Rose Gold, Rose Gold Colour Steel, Rose Gold Finish, Rose Gold Foil, Rose Gold Glitter, Rose Pink Glitter, Rose Quartz, Rose wine, royal blue, Royal Blue Foil, Rust, Safety Glass, Sage, Santa with Blue Background, Saumon, scent, Seafoam green size N, Seafoam/Aqua, Seagrass, Select Pug colour, Shades of Green, Silver, Silver / Purple, Silver & Blue Vinyl, Silver and Blue Vinyl, Silver and Green Vinyl, Silver and Pink Vinyl, Silver and Red Vinyl, Silver Background, Silver Bauble, Silver bear, Silver Foil, Silver Frame, silver glitter, Silver Grey, silver on black, Silver Outline, Silver Print, Silver Ribbon, Silver Text, Silver- Ribbon Colour, Silver, gold, red, green, Size, Sizes, Sky Blue, Snowflakes with green border, Snowflakes with white border, Snowman and reindeer, Snowman Red and White Stripes, Snowman, Santa Reindeer, Diamond Background, Soft Blue Glitter, Soft Lilac, soft pink, Sparkly Gold, SPARKLY GOLD RIBBON, Sparkly Gold- Ribbon Colour, Sparkly Green, SPARKLY GREEN RIBBON, Sparkly Green- Ribbon Colour, Sparkly Red, SPARKLY RED RIBBON, Sparkly Red- Ribbon Colour, Sparkly Silver, SPARKLY SILVER RIBBON, Sparkly Silver- Ribbon Colour, Spray Blue Denim, Steampunk Angel, Strawberry Ripple, Strawberry Sundae, summer berries/autumn glow, Surf Blue, Tan, tartan, tartan piping, taupe/mink, Teak, Teal, teal green, Terrracotta, Topaz, transluscent, Tricolour, Tudor Oak, Turquoise, turquoise and gold, Turquoise Blue, Turquoise Bottle with White/Clear Sea Glass, Turquoise/pink, Tweed Dark Grey, Vanilla & Sandalwood, Vibrant Purple, Vintage Pink, violet, Violet Pearl, Viva Vanilla, Walnut, Walnut(S) – Ash(F), Walnut(S) – Cherry(F), Walnut(S) – Maple(F), Walnut(S)(F), White, White and Dark Pink, White and Green, White and Orange, White and Turquoise, White Bauble, white card, White case with black lettering, White case with orange lettering, White case without words, White Frame, White Frill, white light, White Melange, white on blue, white on gold, white on pink, white on red, white on silver, White On Top Of Red, white pillow case, White Pink and Green, white piping, White Print, WHITE RIBBON, White sparkle, White Text, White Turquoise, White wine, White with black lettering, White with grey background, White with pale blue background, White with pink background, White with yellow background, white wood, White- Ribbon Colour, White-blue dots, White-blue stars, White, Pink, Lilac, grey, Custom, white/black, White/Clear, white/green, white/grey, White/Seafoam, white/white, Whitewash, Whole set, Wild & Woody, Wine, winter blues, Without words, just image, Xmas Forest Creatures, Yellow, Yellow/Brown, Yellow/Green, Yellow/Orange, Yellow/pink

Product Enquiry

My name is Becky, and I’m an average oldish lady with an imaginary dog called Vince and a magpie like attraction for bright colours and sparkly objects!

I began making these beautiful bookmark thongs in memory of my beloved Mum, who was an avid reader with an enormous library! Both Mum and I preferred a book thong over any other kind of bookmark, and when I began reviewing and gifting forward her large and eclectic library, I also made book thongs to send with the books. As the Mums Books project is entirely non profit, I started to sell book thongs to cover the cost of posting books out, and so this all began!

Mum and I also shared an addiction for earrings – as she did, I work full time in early years education, and the children LOVE some of the crazy earrings I turn up in…which brought about a foray into making exclusive and unique earrings. Some I make a series of, many are completely one of a kind, designed using reclaimed beads from old costume jewellery sourced from local charity shops.

I continue to work in a school, I read as much as possible and then give away the books, I garden whenever I can, and I make lovely things. I lived in Australia and Asia for years, I have six adult children, love a glass of red while cooking, and after multiple career diversions, can safely say I am still not quite sure what I want to be when I grow up…I do know I want another dog as soon as possible though…there’s going to be a real live Vince the Dog soonish!

Much love, Becky and Vince X

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Terms and conditions

Hygiene regulations mean I cannot accept returns on pierced earrings, I'm afraid. If you have any problems, please get in touch!

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Within United Kingdom (UK) Free
Outside United Kingdom (UK) £3.00

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Shipping Policy

We use Royal Mail first class to send all our products, and guarantee to post within 1-2 business days.

Return Policy

Due to hygiene legislation, we cannot accept returns on pierced earrings