Dog Collar Personalised,Embroidered,Engraved,Eco Friendly Bamboo in 7 colours from £9.95

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Eco friendly bamboo dog collar
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Embroidered and Engraved Personalised collars made from Eco friendly bamboo fibre which cushions softly around your dogs neck.

Small / Min 10.5″ max 15.5″
medium / Min 13″ Max 19″
Large / Min 15″ Max 24″

Personalised with uk guidelines of pet identification.
The Control of Dogs Order 1992
This mandates that any dog in a public place must wear a collar with the name and address of the owner engraved or written on it, or engraved on a tag.
Your telephone number is optional (but advisable).

How to Personalise Your Purchase

During checkout select “message to seller” then press add.
send following information:
For Embroidery: your pets name and your contact phone number. MAX 20 characters
For Engraving: owners surname, 1st line of address and postcode. MAX 30 characters

If you can supply us with the dogs neck circumference in either inches or centimetres, it will aid in placing the embroidered text in the right place, if not we will start text from the clasp.

Posting from the UK
Please note this collar maybe not be suitable for dogs that pull a lot.

Additional information


., "Just a Note", "You make me smile", "You see the best in me", /Dark Oak, /White, 0-2y, 0-6-months, 01. Pride of Bannockburn Tartan, 02. Pride of Scotland Silver Tartan, 03. Pride of Scotland Modern Tartan, 04. Pride of Scotland Platinum Tartan, 05. Pride of Wales Tartan, 06. Pride of Ireland Tartan, 07. Irish National Tartan, 08. Flower of Scotland Tartan, 09. Rangers Fc Tartan, 1, 1 – 8 letter for one name, 1 . Dark Pink / White Om, 1 . Lilac Purple, 1 Green, 1. Pink and Baby Yellow, 1. Pride of Bannockburn, 10. Hibernian FC, 10. Hibernian FC Tartan, 100 x Favours, 100% Pure Sheep Fleece, 104 – Duck Egg, 105 – Pale Duck Egg, 106 – Sage, 107 – Pale Duck Egg, 108 – Antoinette Pink, 109 – Sage, 11. Dress Stewart, 11. Dress Stewart Tartan, 110 – Red, 111 – Red, 112 – Red, 113 – Green, 114 – Red, 12. Royal Stewart, 12. Royal Stewart tartan, 13. MacDonald, 13. MacDonald Tartan, 14. Buchanan, 14. Buchanan Tartan, 15. Douglas, 15. Douglas Tartan, 16. Mackenzies, 16. Mackenzies Tartan, 17. Red Frazer Tartan, 19. Burns Tartan, 1st Colour, 2, 2 . Orange and Yellow with Pink Om, 2 . Pink Pink Pink, 2 Green, 2-4y, 2. Mirror Gold Yellow, 2. Pride of Scotland Silver, 20. McGregor Tartan, 21. Menzies Tartan, 22. Campbell Tartan, 22ct gold plated, 23. Cameron Tartan, 24. Black Watch Tartan, 25 Favours, 25 x Favours, 25. Rose Hunting Tartan, 26. Lindsay Tartan, 2nd colour, 2x brown, 2x Dark Rainbow, 2x light rainbow, 2x pink, 3, 3 . Baby Blue & Midnight Blue, 3 Green, 3. Blue and Pink Sunset, 3. Pride of Scotland Modern, 36", 3x pink, 3x purple, 4, 4-10 Years, 4. Pridfe of Scotland Platinum, 4. Sea Breeze Blue and Green, 5, 5. Pride of Wales, 50 Favours, 50 x Favours, 6, 6. Pride of Ireland, 7. Irish National, 7”, 75 x Favours, 8. Flower of Scotland, 9. 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Ice lilac, Iced Coffee, Iced Pastel lilac, Iced Sunshine, Indigo, Indigo and Lilac, ink Blue, Inky blue, Iridescent Blue, Iridescent Brown Bead, Iridescent White/ Pale Blue, Iridescent White/Black, Iridescent White/Pale Pink, Iron, Iron On, Ivory, Ivory (LI), Ivory (LI)/Baby Blue (BB), Ivory (LI)/Baby Pink (PBP), Ivory (LI)/Black (BL), Ivory (LI)/Bright Iced Lilac (IL), Ivory (LI)/Bright Peach (PH), Ivory (LI)/Burgundy (B), Ivory (LI)/Hot Pink (HP), Ivory (LI)/Light Pink (LP), Ivory (LI)/Mint Green (M), Ivory (LI)/Navy Blue (N), Ivory (LI)/Purple (PP), Ivory (LI)/Red (R), Ivory (LI)/Royal Blue (RB), Ivory (LI)/Ruby Red (RR), Ivory (LI)/Silver-Light Grey (S), Ivory Bag, Ivory Bow, Ivory Matte, Ivory Rose, Ivory/Ivory, Ivory/Latte, Ivory/Light Blue, Ivory/Light Pink, Ivory/Red, Ivory/Vintage pink, Jacobean, Jacobean Dark Oak, Jade, Jade Green, juno, Just Peachy, Khaki, khaki stripe, Khaki Sweater/White Font, Khaki Sweater/White Font/Copper Globe, Khaki Sweater/White Font/Gold Globe, Khaki Sweater/White Font/Rose Gold Globe, Khaki/Copper, Khaki/Gold, Khaki/Rose Gold, Khaki/White, Khaki/White/Copper, Khaki/White/Copper Dinosaur, Khaki/White/Copper Leaf, Khaki/White/Gold, Khaki/White/Gold Leaf, Khaki/White/Rose Gold, Khaki/White/Rose Gold Dinosaur, Khaki/White/Rose Gold Leaf, Killin' It!, Kingfisher, Koppie, Kraft, kraft brown, Lagoon Blue, Lapis Lazuli, Large blue Circle Geometric, Large Print, Laser Engraved, latte, Latte (LA), lavender, Lavender Blush, Lavender Shimmer, Lavender, Cream and Pink, Leaf Bright Green, Leaf Green, Leather Colour, Lemon, Lemon Sherbert, Lemon sherbet, Lemon Yellow, Leopard Blue, Leopard Booties and Slippers, Leopard Green, Leopard Lilac, Leopard Pink, Lid Colour, Light Baby Blue, Light Blue, Light Blue (LB), Light Blue and Grey, Light Blue Bag, Light Blue Bow, Light blue cord, Light Blue Foil, Light blue glitter butterfly, Light blue sparkle vine, Light Brown, Light brown dots, Light Colour, Light coral, Light Gold, Light Gold Leather, 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Colours, Main colour, Main rose Colour, Maize, Malachite, Mandarin, Mane Colour, maple (light), Marble, Marigold, Marigold Dark Yellow, Maroon, maroon/red, Maroon/White, Maroon/White/Copper, Maroon/White/Gold, mars, Mars Red, Mary, Masai, Material, materials limited due to current situation, Matt Gold, Matt Silver, Matte, Mauve, Medium Oak, mellow-oak, mermaid, Metalic Grey, Metallic Blue, Metallic Brown, Metallic Copper, Metallic deep lagoon, Metallic Green, Metallic pale blue, Metallic pink, Metallic Silver, Micro Stud Baby Pink, Mid Blue, Mid Blue with fish buttons., Mid Blue with light blue edging., Mid Brown, Midnight Blue, Midnight Purple, MIGHTY BEE, MIGHTY PEA, Military Blue, Military Green, Milk Chocolate, Milkshake Pink and Baby Pink, Milky Blue, milky white, Mink, Mint, Mint body/pink wings, Mint dots, Mint green, Mint Green (M), Mint hearts, Mint stars, Mint Velvet, Mirror, Mirror Grey, mismatched earrings, Misty Morning, mittens, Mixed, Mixed Colours, Mixed greens, Mocha, Mono, Monowhite, Moon Kissed Nights, Moss Dusky Sage Green, Moss Green, mulberry, Multi, Multi and Yellow Polka Dots, multi coloured, Multi Coloured Flowers, multi grey, Multi Shape Geometric, Multi spots, Multi stripes, Multi/Dark Blue, Multi/Green, Multicoloured, Multicoloured wings, Multiple, Mustard, Mustard & Claret Red, Mustard and Claret Red, Mute/Pastel Colours, Natural, natural bag, Natural Browns, Natural Cork, Natural Grey, Natural Mix, Natural Tan, Natural White, Nature, Navy, Navy and Natural Bag, Navy Blue, Navy Blue (N), Navy Blue Bow, Navy Blue Foil, Navy Blue Pearl Lustre, Navy Diamond Geometric, Navy dots, Navy Print, Navy Sweater/White Font, Navy Sweater/White Font/Copper Font, Navy Sweater/White Font/Copper Globe, Navy Sweater/White Font/Gold Globe, Navy Sweater/White Font/Rose Gold Globe, Navy Sweater/White Font/Rose Gold Glove, Navy with Red & White Stars, Navy with Red Stars, Navy/Copper, Navy/Gold, NAVY/GOLD BEE, Navy/Rose Gold, Navy/White, Navy/White/Copper, Navy/White/Gold, Navy/White/Gold Leaf, Nearly Nude, Neon Blue, Neon Glitter Pink, Neon Green, Neon Orange, neon pink, Neon Purple, Neon Yellow, neptune, Neptune Blue, Neutral, Newburg Grey, Night Fall, no personalisation, NO white or ivory, None, None of these, None of these colours, Nude, Number colour, Oak effect frame, Oak Frame, Oasis, Ochre, Off White, Off-white, Old Gold, Old Ochre, Old Pine, Old White, Olive Green, Olive Luxury, Ombre, Onyx, Ooh La La, Opal, Orange, Orange (or ginger)/Black, Orange (OR), Orange and Yellow, Orange beads, Orange Bow, Orange Burst, Orange Cork, Orange Flowers, Orange Glitter, Orange Gold, Orange hearts, Orange lettering, Orange Monster, Orange Polka Dot, Orange/Blue, Orange/Blue/Yellow, Orange/Brown/Pink/Green, Orange/Red, Orange/White, Orange/White Stripe, Oranges, Orangey Red, orca, Orchid, Orchid Bright Purple, oriental/pink, Original tonal, Other (please message), own colour choice, own colour request, Oxblood, Oxblood Bison Leather, Oxblood/Black Front, Oxidised, oyster, Pack 1, Pack 2, Pack 3, Pack 4, Pack 5, Paint Sample Swatches, Paisley/green, Pale, Pale Aqua, Pale Ash Grey, Pale Baby Pink, Pale Blue, Pale blue floral, Pale Blue Shimmer, Pale Flesh Pink, Pale Green, Pale Lemon, Pale Lemon (PL), Pale lilac, Pale Olive, Pale Peach, Pale Peach (IP), Pale Peach Shimmer, Pale Pink, Pale pink dots, Pale Pink Glitter, Pale pink with Baby Button detail., Pale Pink X, Pale Yellow, Pale Yellow with flower detail., Pale Yellow with sparkle, panda, Panda Bear Booties and Slippers, Pandora, Pansie, Paprika, Par, Parchment, Paris Grey, Parsley, Passionata, Pastel, Pastel Blue, Pastel blue dots, Pastel Green, Pastel Hearts, Pastel Lilac, pastel mermaid, Pastel Mint, Pastel Mix, Pastel Mix White/Peach/Yellow., Pastel Peach, Pastel Pink, Pastel Pink Glitter, Pastel Purple, Pastel Yellow, Patent Black, Patterned Colour, paua-shell, PEA POD, Peach, Peach and Cream, Peach and Cream mixed Roses, Peach Bow, Peach colour, Peach hearts, Peach Nude, Peach Orange, Peach with flower detail, Peach/Pink with Cable detail., Peach/Yellow, Peaches N Cream, Peacock Blue, Peacock tail, Pearl, Pearl Colour, Pearl White, Pearlescent Lilac, Pearlescent Pastel Green, Pearlescent Pink, Peppermint, peridot, Pet portrait, Petal Pink Shimmer, Petrol, Pewter, Pewter Pearl Lustre, Pharoah Gold Distressed, pheasant, Picasso blue, Pick a colour, piggie, Pillarbox Red, Pim, Pine, Pink, Pink – – "With love", Pink – "With love", Pink – "With love" sentiment, Pink – 2 shades, PINK – 3 shades, Pink & Silver, Pink & White stripe, Pink 1, Pink 2, Pink 3, Pink 4, Pink and, Pink and Blue, Pink and Green, Pink and Natural Bag, Pink and Orange, Pink and Purple, Pink and Silver, Pink and White, Pink and Yellow, Pink Bike, Pink Blue and Yellow, Pink body/turquoise wings, Pink Bow, Pink chart, Pink Check, Pink chevron, Pink Cupcakes, Pink dots, Pink flamingo, Pink fleece with white stars, Pink Foil, Pink glitter, Pink glitter butterfly, Pink Glitter Metallic, pink gold, Pink heart, Pink Heart Button, Pink hearts, Pink Leopard, Pink Luxury, pink mane/white horn, Pink Metallic, Pink Mirror, Pink mix 6 flags, Pink mix 8 flags, Pink Monster, Pink Multi, Pink multi with flower motifs, Pink Pearl, Pink Preciosa, Pink Print, Pink ribbon, Pink Rim Mug, Pink Rose, Pink shine, Pink Silk Box, Pink Spots, Pink Squares, Pink stripe, Pink Velvet, Pink wings, Pink with butterfly motif., Pink with lace trim., pink with purple trim, pink with white trim, Pink ZigZag Multi, Pink, Cerise, Ivory, Pink/ Metalic hearts, Pink/ White dots, pink/beige, Pink/blue 0-3 months, pink/cream, Pink/Gold, Pink/Gold Dots, Pink/Grey Check, Pink/Grey Stripe, Pink/Light Grey/Dark Grey, Pink/Orange, Pink/Purple, Pink/Red, Pink/White, Pink/White Dots, Pink/White/Yellow, Pink/Yellow, Pinks, Pinky Brown, Pistachio, Pistachio., Plain, Plain Colour, Plain MDF, Plain Ply, Plain White, Plain White Mug, Plain Yellow, Platnum, Please confirm colour choice, PLUM, Plum colour, Polymer Clay, Poppy, Poppy Red, poseidon, Powder, Powder Blue, Powder Pink, Primary Colour, printable story, PU, Pumpkin, puppets, Pure White, Purple, Purple – 2 shades, Purple (PP), Purple & White, Purple 1, Purple 2, Purple and Mustard, Purple background, Purple Bag, Purple Bow, Purple Check, Purple Cupcakes, Purple Glitter, Purple glitter butterfly, Purple Luxury, purple mane/pink horn, purple mane/white horn, Purple Passion, Purple Polkadots, Purple PP, Purple Rose, Purple Tapestry, Purple Towel, Purple tropical print, Purple with White, purple X, Purple, Cerise,Ivory, Purple, Lilac, Ivory, Purple, Pink and Black Hearts, Purple, Pink and Glitter, purple, red and yellow, purple/cream, Purple/Gold, Purple/Green, Purple/Lavender, Purple/Orange, Purple/Pink, purple/white, Purples, Quartz Blush Light Pink, Rabbits, Rainbow, Rainbow (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink), rainbow glitter, Rainbow Rose and Yellow Marble, Rainbow Spots, rainbow/cream, rainbow/white, Rainforest Jasper, Rapunzel, Raspberry, Raven Black, Raven Black puppy/sml breed, Ravenclaw Blue 1st, raw steel, Raw/Unwaxed, reclaimed-style, Red, Red (R), Red / White / Green, Red & White, Red and Glitter Gold, Red and Ivory, Red and Pink, Red and Purple, Red Background, Red Bag, Red beads, REd Blue, Red Bow, Red Cork, Red dots, Red Flowers, Red Foil, Red glitter, Red glitter butterfly, Red Goldstone Imitation, Red Handle / Rim Mug, Red Handle and Inside Mug, Red hat, Red Jute Bag, Red luxury, Red Metallic, Red microdot, red polkadot, Red ribbon, Red Rim Mug, Red Rose, Red Shimmer, Red Shine, Red Stones, Red Stormtrooper, Red Stripe, Red Tartan, Red tones, Red Towel, Red Tractors, Red Tree, Red Velvet, Red White Black, Red Wine, Red with White Stars, red, blue and green, red, blue and purple, red, blue and yellow, red, green and yellow, red, purple and pink, Red/Blue, Red/Gold, Red/orange, Red/White, Red/White Stripe, Red/White/Blue, Red/White/Pink, Red/Yellow, Reds, Redwood (dark), Reflective, Refurbished/Sanded, Refurbished/Varnished, Rhodonite, Ring Mottle Green, Ring Size US 5, Rosaline, Rose, Rose Colour, Rose Colour (wand), Rose Gold, Rose Gold Chain, Rose Gold Fittings, Rose Gold Foil, Rose gold glitter, Rose Gold Lid, Rose Gold Metallic, Rose Gold Mirror, Rose Gold Pearl Lustre, Rose Gold Plated, Rose Gold Print, Rose Pink, Rose Red, Rosegold, Rosewood, Rosewood (medium), Royal Blue, Royal Blue (RB), Royal Blue Bag, Royal Stewart, Rubine, Ruby red, Ruby Red (RR), Rugger brown, Russet, Rust, Rustic, Rustic Rose, rustic-oak, Rustic/Varnished, Safron, Sage Glitter, Sage Green, Sage Green – 101, Salmon Pink, Same background as picture, Sanded/Varnished, Sandstone, Sangria, Sapphire, Sarah, Sarrubeco, Sassy Golden Blue, Savanna, Saxe, saxe blue, Sea Green, Sea Salt Blue, sea-green, Seafoam Green, Second colour, Select colours in notes at checkout, sepia, Sequin Blue, Sequin Pink, Sequin Red, Serengeti, set of 4, Set of 4 Brown, Set of 4 White, Set of 5, Sewing 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Small-medium, Smaragd Green, Smokey Grey, Snow White, soap01, soap02, Sodalite, Soft Amethyst, Soft Blue, Soft Green, Soft grey, Soft Mint, Soft Orange Bike, Soft Pink, soft/cosy, Solid, Sorbet, Soul, Sparkling Gold, Sparkly Black, speckled orange, Spectrum Metallic, Spiderman, Spinning, Sport Grey, Spots, Spots and Flowers, Spring Daffodil, Spring Green, Standard Aspen, Star, starry night, Steel fittings, Steely Grey, Sterling Silver, Sterling silver wire, Stone, Stone Grey, Storm Grey, Storm Grey (SG), Stormy Days, Strawberry, Strawberry Pink, Strawberry Pink and Mustard, Strawberry Pink and White, Stressed Carbon, Striped Blue Mix, Stripped pine, Style, Sugar Plum, Sugar plum metallic, Sugar plum pink metallic, Sun Red, Sun Yellow, Sunbeam, Sunburst, Sundrop, Sunflower, Sunkissed Shimmer, Sunrise, Sunset, Sunset., Surf Blue, Svenska Blue – 103, swirl wrap, Swiss Navy, Taco, Tan, tan / white hide, Tangerine, Tangerine and Lime, Tangerine and Magenta, Tangerine and Teal, Tangerine and 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1 review for Dog Collar Personalised,Embroidered,Engraved,Eco Friendly Bamboo in 7 colours from £9.95

  1. Kirsteen Brazier

    Easy to order, quick delivery and good value. Looks fab on my dog and can read it all perfectly well. Would/will order again if I need to

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1 Review for Tailormadepetproducts Store

  1. Kirsteen Brazier

    Easy to order, quick delivery and good value. Looks fab on my dog and can read it all perfectly well. Would/will order again if I need to

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