Detox Bentonite Clay Mask with Neroli Water, Rosemary & Lemon Oil 100ml Plastic Free



This Mask-Cleanser will completely change your opinion about Clay Masks!
Even after first application red spots reduced, inflammation less visible, after the 2nd and 3rd use – red spots completely healed and you don’t have to squeeze out the skin!
What’s the catch: Bentonite is a mineral that mixed with floral water starting acts like a magnet drawing impurities and toxins from your skin
This Mask free from detergents and pH balanced so your skin looks fresher after the first use!
How to use:
– apply on the skin after removing make up
– leave for under 5 minutes, just 3 minutes would be enough, try how it works for you (you can take a bath in the evening or do it while cooking breakfast in the morning)
– wash off the mask with warm water and hot cloth
– follow with Perfance Floral Water Toner
– apply Moisturizer or Cream while skin is still damp after Toner
– you can also apply it locally right on the spot and let it dry out and removed with a damp cotton pad
Skin type: Oily/Combination
Handcrafted in England
Packaging: Glass Jar with Aluminium Lid
Bentonite Mineral Clay – is a mineral when mixed with water turns into a ‘magnet’ that drags out from skin toxins, impurities and dramatically improves even old and hormonal red spots, pore and blackheads
Prepared with Orange Flower Water (Neroli), Lemon (tonic), Rosemary (balances) and Tea Tree (antimicrobial) Oils to boost skin with glow and freshness
My skin changes after one month:
– skin appears more matte and make up stays longer as I wear make up everyday;
– my regular acne on the chin disappeared after one month of using this mask;
– I do not need any facial wash as this mask is cleansing without stripping natural skin balance and doesn’t clog pores (tested for over 30 days);
– ‘holiday breakouts’ simply disappeared as I was using this mask on the holiday twice a day.
“I have used Clays in the past but this one has changed my life. Every time I’m travelling I get spots on the same place – chin and they just keep coming back flaring up and go away.. When I tried this clay the first time I have noticed result straight away – red pimples and acne that are trying to break through the skin reduced in size straight away! This mask in not drying out your skin it is just pure mineral effect! Comparing other clays I have tried in the past – they are drying out and just dragging out oils from the skin without giving any effects at all. Now Bentonite Clay is my number one daily routine product! ”
Alina Perfance
Mineral clay with a dense texture and fresh flower scent
Perfance is a local Independent brand based in Chester, England founded by Alina Perfance – a woman who has been in the Beauty Industry for over eight years.

“I started making my first beauty products purely for my own use as I couldn’t find that perfect product on the beauty market. Working in the Cosmetic Industry I started realising that all beauty products are too far from natural content. Makes no sense to pay a lot of money for Glycerine, Silicones, Mineral Oil and Artificial Fragrances in a jar.”
Alina Perfance
Trying our products will completely change the way you think about natural skincare, the environment and the beauty industry
We always use unique ingredients from the best parts of the world, always Organic and EcoCert, Cold Pressed or Raw Unrefined Butters & Oils
We test on ourselves before we launch any new products
We are Vegan, Cruelty-Free and our products are tested only on People
All our products formulated without artificial ingredients like Mineral Oil or Texture enhancers like Polymers and Silicones
80% of our beauty packaging is Recyclable or Reusable and we are working on increasing this number
All our products are Handcrafted in England

I use to work for a skincare industry and I thought that was my life, but my life is only has started from the day I have created something really natural and meaningful


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