DELUXE ORAPHIM SHUNGITE KIT: Pendant & pyramid/Stickers/Stones/Magnets/Powder/Soap/Balm/Toggles +


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Your Super Shungite Deluxe Starter Kit includes:
Oraphim silver infused Shungite pyramid 5.5cm height & Oraphim shungite Pendant.
Shungite Polished Stone x1
Shungite ELITE stone x1
Noble Shungite Powder 5g x1
Shungite & Poppy seed Organic soap bar 40g
Shungite Transformer Toggle x4
Shungite Magnet x4
Shungite silver infused Protection sticker for mobile/cell phone x9 pack
Shungite for water purification 50g + bag for bath
Shungite Shoe Stickers (laminated for swapping between shoes) for easy Earthing/Grounding x2 Pair
Shungite Rescued Balm 30ml
+ Bag for popping some stones in the bath without losing them down the plug hole!

We want to provide you with a great starter pack to get all your shungite experiences at once! So there’s the raw stones for your water, and a polished one to hold, your protection + Emf reduction sticker, gorgeous organic handmade soap to cleanse your electrical field, fridge magnets and powder, and a stunning pendant & quantum connection pyramid to top it all off, Enjoy!

Phone stickers: Where do you stick it?
Anywhere on the back of the device is good, because the shungite creates a ‘field’ which is interacting with the electrical ‘field’ of the phone/device

Does Shungite need replacing or grounding?
No, because the shungite silver infused & is not absorbing the Emf’s or toxins from water or air… it is reversing the frequency

What is my device/phone is still getting hot?
Some larger phones/devices require more than one sticker, so if yours is still getting any heat after prolonged use, just add one or two stickers depending.

Where are other places to put the stickers on around the home?
All motorised/electrical devices benefit from having the normal electrical frequencies reversed…
for example: washing machines get more frothy at low temperatures when you put a sticker on the water hose going in!!
Laptop chargers black box in cable experience massive heat reduction after sticker is added.
wifi router: better/further internet signal range with sticker on router.

How have you tested the effectiveness of the stickers?
Emf meters are used to see the reduction in harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted
heat loss in prolonged use
Reduction in physical symptoms such as itchy lumps appearing around the neck & face after mobile phone use

Naturally Restructured & Remineralized WATER
Drink shungite water for better hydration, (due to the lowered surface tension)
& increased cellular cleansing with delivery of essential energy to the body’s cells also.
Place minimum of 3 stones in each container, glass/ceramic/BPA free ideally. (& Pets water)

Shungite reverses the harmful toxins instantaneously,

leave to stand 8 hours for 99% bacteria removal,

3 days for the healing fullerene infused sweet tasting shungite water.

You can recharge your shungite by putting them out in the sun for a couple of days every 4-6 months

The little bag included is for you to pop a few in for your bath and they wont get lost down the plug hole.

Shungite Magnets

Silver infused shungite fridge magnets affect the frequency of your fridge in very positive ways,

reversing the harmful electrical field where you put your living foods,

reported side effects of these fridge magnets are longer lasting fresh food & colder fridge!

Money saving on both fronts!

Shungite Shoes Laminates

For putting in your shoes, under your in-sole if possible and feeling the benefits for having the fullerene

molecules in your system via the soles and up the meridian system,

You have to try them!!!

The conducting properties of shungite minerals create radio shielding and radio absorbing properties to reduce the levels of electromagnetic radiation with a frequency 10–30 GHz, and electric fields with a frequency of 50 Hz, this research is published by:
International Journal of Advanced Scientific and Technical Research Issue 3 volume 6, Nov.-Dec. 2013
The structure and composition of natural carbonaceous fullerene containing mineral shungite

Shungite fullerenes are used in bio-nanotechnology, electronics, medicine, aerospace and military technology, in the manufacture of new technical products, new steels and ferroalloys, construction and composition materials, refractory materials, paints, as well as they are used in water treatment.

I hope that the extra science info is useful to you in understanding how beneficial shungite is to the wearer but my aim is to also make it stunningly beautiful too.
Many thanks for looking at my listing, if you have any further questions please do get in touch
All statements regarding our Shungite products are considered ‘anecdotal’ at this time.
Disclaimer: These Statements and any product made by us are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease


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Oraphim: Cassie & Richard are both Creative Artists/makers/inventors!
Richard especially loves making the pyramids, in his past has made many proof of concept ‘free energy’ devices, including Tesla coils, earth batteries, radiant energy devices & is an energy sensitive empath, he was an Operating Theatre Technician being responsible for the workings of all the machines as well as being instrumental in the introduction of the ‘Cell saver’ which is a blood vortexing machine, delivering the cleaned blood straight back to the patient during an operation.
Cassie focuses on the stunning pendants, befor shungite she had engaged with Sheffield University (UK) as an external Collaborator with various Dr’s & Professors, devising & delivering many medical educational exhibits & teaching tools & artworks. Her passion for the Shungite Molecule started nearly 20 years ago, having made beautiful bamboo geodomes following the work of Buckminster Fuller to discover the fullerene in shungite once she began working with it!
Now together, our intention is to make Shungite information and products available in easy, useable, affordable and beautiful forms…

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