DELICK HEMP Natural Organic Mens Hemp Handmade Socks 1 ,3,& 5 Pairs BEIGE VEGAN




Natural hemp socks For men in Beige

– Absorb moisture (sweat)
– Eliminates odors
– Protection against fungi
– Without pesticides and herbicides
– Very strong, wear-resistant

Porous hemp fibers quickly absorb moisture and sweat, and it quickly evaporated. This allows the body to “breathe” during the intense heat, keeping cool. The presence of oxygen in the hemp fiber does not allow the formation of anaerobic bacteria through which an unpleasant smell of feet.

Socks Composition: 37% – hemp, 37% – cotton, 26% – Polyamide.

Size:Uk 6-10|Euro 41-44|US 10 Color Beige

By the unique advantages of the product include:
1) Antibacterial properties;
2) antistatic (does not collect dust);
3) Non-allergenic properties (growing without pesticides);
4) The unique features of the absorbent (40%) and thermoregulation;
5) refreshing and soothing effects;
6) active breathing body.

Hemp fabric has high strength and practicality, does not cause allergies, creates the temperature and energy balance, has antiseptic, antibacterial and analgesic properties.
Clothing made from hemp has increased resistance to UV radiation. The porosity of the fibers from hemp fabric allows better absorb moisture, gives body to breathe; during extreme heat keeps cool.
The above-described properties, proven for centuries by our ancestors in different parts of the globe.

Clothing made from hemp – is, in the first place, a fabric which has the properties of medicinal plants. The advantage of fabric produced from textile varieties of hemp, is a combination of several important qualities that create “business card” clothing. Modern technologies allow to receive processing hemp fabric, which retains all the useful and valuable properties of the natural material.

Additional benefits include clothes refreshing and soothing effect of living tissue, beneficial effects on the body during the day, lack of skin irritation and general tonic effect. Hemp fabric evenly distributing the sensations of the body, prevents the creation of sharp contrasts. With constant wear fabric used for clothing, continues to be healing and retains the ability to carry out the beneficial properties of cannabis. Even after several years of intensive socks, hemp fabric is biologically active, and sorbing destroying pathogens on the surface of the skin.

Another advantage of hemp cloth is not comprise plant pesticides and other chemicals are used to protect and stimulate the growth of other seed cultures are used as raw materials for natural fabrics.

Hemp is eight times stronger than cotton, and the resistance and durability of the material is caused by the special structure of the fiber plant supporting resistance to fading, abrasion and repeated bending. The material resists external influences, does not warp, does not spoil the washing, ironing, does not lose shape in the process of socks, and does not imply whatsoever any special care.

Taking into account the above-mentioned properties of cannabis, more than 200 medical institutions around the world recommend the wearing of hemp clothing sick people and persons exposed to intensive physical activity or the negative human impact, in order to obtain health effect. Healthy people are invited wearing hemp linen with obscheprofilakticheskoy purpose

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