DELICK Fine Himalayan Pink Salt Premium Natural Organic 250g,500g &1Kg Unrefined Food Grade




Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Crystals Food Grade. retail packed in resealable clear pouches.

Delicks Virgin
Pure ,naturally Pink,food grade salt as formed over many millennia, in the Himalyan mountains.
It has a sweet and earthy flavour with no bitter aftertaste, packed with beneficial nutrients and fortified with over
84 trace Minerals, its perfect for use in all food preparation and seasoning. Combine with herbs and spices
to flavour up your cooking! Makes a tasty rub for fish and meat dishes. Add to vegetables, stews and soups to enhance flavour. Finely ground for your easy convenience.

Health benefits include and may help with:
Aids vascular health, Reduces the signs of ageing, Promotes a stable pH balance within cells,Supports healthy lungs and respiratory function,Promotes healthy sleep patterns, increases libido, Prevent muscle cramps, Increases
hydration, Strengthen bones, Lowers Blood Pressure, Improves circulation and detoxifies the body of heavy metals.

work into a facial scrub. For Detoxification Purposes use between 500g and 1kg per bath. for general well being and therapeutic purposes use between 250g and 500g.

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1Kg, 250g, 500g


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