Damascus Cufflinks with Almandine Stone Inlay Centre


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These are hand crafted stainless Damascus Steel cufflinks with a Rhodium plated setting and crushed Almandine stones in the centre.
These particular cufflinks are 19mm wide, with a stone inlay 10mm wide.

Almandine Garnet is a gemstone known for its healing properties and represents devotion, love and commitment. From ancient times garnets have been valued for keeping the wearer safe from harm, and were especially prized by warriors both to protect them from injury, and to give them calm and tranquillity. It was thought in ancient times too these rings would give the wearer good health and ward of nightmares.

As these cufflinks will be handmade to order we can use another gemstone type and colour if preferred, please just message us.

These particular cufflinks are 19mm wide and in a circular shape. The Damascus steel has been chemically etched to give the unique pattern. On these particular cufflinks they have been given a dark etch to give a strong contrast and relay bring out the pattern.

These cufflinks have a nice weight to them and their bigger size makes them stand out, and have a good hold as a cufflink.

Due to the nature of Damascus steel please be aware that the pattern and depth of shading on your cufflinks may vary slightly to that shown.

We are asking to please allow around 2 to 3 weeks for the cufflinks to be crafted, however it can be longer during busy periods, so if you require these quicker, then if you please contact us for further information. We can at times offer a rush order service, however we are not always in a position to be able to, so please check first and we can let you know what our current turn around time is and find out what we can offer.

We care about our environmental impact, so we have made our products Eco-friendly where we can.

We use high quality single mine origin gold (SMO). This SMO certification means your gold can be traced on its whole journey. It is responsibly sourced, exceptional quality and comes from legitimate mining operations, with no ties to conflict. The local community benefit, and more can be leaned about this from our supplier here:


We also refine and recycle our own gold too.

Jewellery Boxes:
We use Eco-friendly jewellery boxes, which are FSC®-certified.
The glue, paper and cardboard used in the production of this jewellery box, are all 100% eco-friendly.
Each box is stamped with the ECO-logo at the base of the box and has the FSC®-logo stamped underneath the foam.

We have reduced our paper usage and waste by switching to our in-house database system, removing the need for printed copies of orders and long paper trails. We also use recycled paper for printing our invoices.

We use Jiffy green strong durable packaging. This packaging is made entirely from recycled materials, which not only means the packaging is less wasteful, but it is also fully recyclable itself too. Another benefit of this packaging is that it is lightweight, and therefore reduces the carbon footprint of it.

If you have any questions or wish to speak with us regarding alternate designs then please feel free to drop us a message. We usually always will get back to you the same day, but if we don’t it will be very soon. It will usually be myself (Gill) responding to messages to allow Sam the time to make rings, but it may also be Sam himself if I am unavailable. We are not a big factory but a small family business, and each ring is hand crafted by Sam himself.

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SI Craft Designs are a small family run business creating unique jewellery using stainless Damascus steel.
Damascus steel items are all truly unique as the pattern is like a fingerprint – meaning no two items are the same, ensuring that your ring or other item is like no other!

We also create a wide variety craft decorations out of wood, and paintings on a variety of materials to use for gifts or for your home.

We are a husband and wife team based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and deliver our handmade products and around the world.

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