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Have a go at making your own Cyanotype (one of the simplest forms of photography, no darkroom needed!), with step by step instructions and all the bits to help get you started.

Cyanotype is one of the simplest forms of photography. Paper is coated with light sensitive chemicals, left to dry and then you simply place something like a flower or a stencil onto the paper and use sunlight to expose it. Simply put where the sun hits the paper it goes a deep Cyan Blue colour and where it doesn’t it remains white (or whatever the colour of the paper is).

In each pack there will be
*Instructions for thing you will need and how to make your Cyanotype Print
*Bits and Bobs (e.g. sequins, feathers and pressed flowers) to help you get started making your image for your print
*Bulldog clips to help you in securing your print when exposing
*(..and most importantly) 3 sheets (2x A5, 1x A4 ) of coated cartridge paper to make your Cyanotype with

Please note the images of what come in the packs are examples, what is sent may vary slightly.

If you have already bought a kit, have feed back, created something amazing (Danielle would love to see what you create with the kit!), or would like a top up of Cyanotype paper please email Danielle at danielle_east@hotmail.co.uk 🙂

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