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Herbal yoni steaming blends, handmade with intention & a combination of homegrown, foraged & ethically sourced herbal allies.

You won’t ‘ready to buy’ yoni steams available from my shop. This is because I encourage one to one connection, for us to gently delve into your personal needs before creating your own custom, herbal blend together.

If this feels right for you, we can do this by connecting via private message on social, to privately discuss which herbal kin may be best to steam with for your individual needs.

Before you place an order here for a custom herbal yoni steaming blend please contact me through;
Instagram – clos_roots_and_rituals
Facebook – Clo’s roots and rituals
To start the conversation about your own personal yoni steaming blend or natural ways to support your all as you navigate your cyclical living journey, pop me a message anytime. ❤️

Steaming is a nourishing self care practice passed down from medicine womben of ancient cultures, helping to restore health & balance through your cycles, inner seasons & life’s phases. Offering us those delicious moments to pause, come back to self & feel deep within, into the rich forest of your power centre.

I love creating these unique, special & personal yoni steam blends for your cyclical self care rituals.
Each custom made & supportive herbal blend is made with love & is created to hold you throughout your transitions & life’s phases.

Yoni steaming can support us in many ways.
Here are a few benefits from steaming in regular ritual, shared from my experience;

•Can help to alleviate stress & ease tension in our bodies. Stress can be one of the major disrupters to our hormone levels. Prolonged periods of stress can cause cortisol & adrenaline levels to remain elevated. This can result in a hormonal imbalance & have negative effects on our health.

•Unearth those buried feelings (we often hold so very much deep within our womb space).

•Feel, release & heal traumas.

•Proven to sooth & lessen cramping, discomfort & bloating during our cycle (especially out inner autumn).

•Encourage release of built up emotions.

•Re-connection to our divine feminine, through this intimate ritual of feeling into parts of us that we can often not take enough time for & feel disconnected from.

•Has been shown to encourage healing & tone the tissues of our yoni during such journeys as post-surgery or postpartum.

•May support cycle regulation & reproductive health (such as restoring absent bleeds, calming heavy flows & helping to clear blood clots).

•Gentle connection & releasing of stuck & heavy energies on a physical & emotional level.

•Allows you to really pause & drop into your body, allowing you to listen in to what your womb space is sharing & communicating with you.

•Can feel extremely pleasant, instantly nourishing & deeply relaxing as the rising steam & plant vapours flow up to meet our delicate tissues & yoni.

•May help to increase libido, our openness & cultivate a profound sense of self love & rise in our self confidence. The act of steaming is so sensual.

•Specific blends may help to relieve vaginal dryness during menopause.

•Works to move & cleanse stagnation, while promoting circulation to this area.

•Welcomes connection to your pelvic bowl, inner wisdom & the innate magick of your yoni & womb.

I am a lover of the old ways & alternative medicine, working with the seasons of our inner & outer terrains.
Helping women to connect on a deeper level & form a meaningful relationship with the inner cycles, cyclical wisdom & all of amazing transformations that we go through as women.

Just as with Mother Nature we transmute through different seasons & phases in life, each holding there own divine energies, lessons & power.
The changes & shifts that we journey through as women should be openly discussed, loved & celebrated.
Welcome your power back.

Sister to sister.✨🌀
Clo x


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  1. Lauren

    I absolutely love this Raise Your Vibration tea blend. Its a wonderfully uplifting and energy boosting brew and has largely replaced coffee for me now. The taste is so smooth and soft too. Looking forwarding to trying out the other blends made by Clo 🙂 x

  2. Mary Hidle

    Beautifully packaged & gorgeous bath bomb. So calming & relaxing. Will be reordering.

  3. Philomena Kavanagh

    So pretty and functional

  4. Philomena Kavanagh


  5. Philomena Kavanagh

    Was gorgeous

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