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This will be a gris gris created for your needs. For more info use the contact me to tell me what it is you want the gris gris to assist you with.

The image shown is an example,your gris gris might not be the same.


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Terms and Conditions

FAQ, Disclaimer and T&C. Be wise, and read this please.

First of all:
Please keep in mind when placing an order that most of the products are made to order and involve time to be created for you.

Can you post faster?
No, not always.

First of all this depends if your order contains "made to order items" or if I have stock available, and second, your location is also of influence in this.

Keep in mind that some items are made to order, as sometimes when a request comes for a special mojo bag, I need time to create it and pray over the item to bless it, not to mention the time I like to take for the herbs to infuse the oil, this could be a matter of hours, days or weeks. Most of the oils are made-to-order.

Are your products cruelty free and/or vegan ?
Yes, all are cruelty-free and most of them are vegetarian and/or vegan.

I sometimes do sell leather pouches, made from leather I was wearing years ago before I got involved in a much as possible cruelty free lifestyle. So, yes, I use leather at times, but then again, I'd rather use it, then to totally disrespect the life energy attached to it, and to just throw it away.

I know it does not make the death of the animal undone, but as a practicing offbeat Buddhist, I will say mantras of the leather for the animal to be reincarnated in a higher realm free from suffering.
I understand, this does not bring the animal back, but I try to be as mindful as possible in this process.

Do know that if I sell bones or crab scales that they are most of the time from animals who died a natural death at for instance the beach or who are roadkill victims and who I did find outside. Living close to the country side in England I bump into much more roadkill than I wish for. In this case I have a few choices: or I leave them outside to be messed with by others, I mean kids love prodding dead animals at times, or I bring them home, give them a temporary funeral with blessed herbs and sigils to show them thanks and appreciation for the beauty they have as the sentient beings they are and use their remains. I prefer the latter.

If I have snake sheds for sale, this involves no applied animal cruelty as you know that snakes shed their skin regular because they grown out of it.

In the case of black cat and dog hairs, I had two dogs and a cat from which two were black, their hairs have been collected while brushing and combing them, they loved being combed.

The civet fragrance that I use in my oils is made-up out of a herbal mixture, so,no squeezing of glands or any kind of that torture.

I hope this answer is satisfying to you, but feel free to contact me if you have any questions. And keep in mind, even the most strict vegan will crush a microscopic bug in between their teeth when eating some lettuce or step on an ant while marching and screaming out there letting the world know how good they are...I'm a partly vegetarian, I scream less ;)

*My products are sold as "curio" only and are created in a "peanut/nut environment" and in a smoker's pet friendly household and should not be used internal.

*Some oils (unless explicitly mentioned that "they are NOT") can be used as a "perfume oil". But I do strongly suggest to do a patch test first and considering to dilute the conjure oil with a carrier oil before testing it if you are super sensitive. Using my oils is solely at your own risk and I can't be held responsible for any damage which could come forth out of using it. In the case that you might have a known allergy to any kind of plant, oil ,nut etc. and are not sure if you could use my oils, please,do drop me a message and I will check the possible ingredients for you.

*The oil(s) will be dispatched to you in either a "miron glass" bottle,"bristol blue" , a "clear" or "amber" coloured glass bottle. It depends which ones I have in stock at the time of your order.

*Please do keep in mind that no spell service does guarantee a 100% success rate. This could be because all kind of worldly and un-worldly reasons out of my reach. During spell services I will put in serious energy/prayers/blessings/time to work on it to draw matters to you, or, to open/close ways, where needed, especially created and composed to your needs and situation, hence the correspondence before even really starting on the spell.
Not even non-spiritual professionals can give a 100% guarantee success rate, so please, be very realistic about this. I have to mention this, especially for the Harry Potter fans out there who at times have been misguided by the Hollywood film industry, and think that performing magick is pretty much the same as brewing a cup of tea. There are a lot of misconceptions about magick, so,the only thing I can do is to mention this part of it. There's a goal and desire and what magick does is building a bridge between these two things to bring situations/people on your path to get you there. And for this is a lot of intention, patience and other hard work needed.

*Spell cast services will be executed between 1 or 2 weeks after purchase and proper, clear, correspondence, as preparation is needed, which can take-up time. If this is a problem for you, you'll have a choice to choose for my services or not, be free to make one.

*Conjure oils and other curios are tools, and never the complete spell. To be successful, meditation/focus, vibration, alignment and devotion are some of the other tools needed to produce results. It's also important when the spell is finished, to let it go into The Cosmos. To cling-on to it in an obsessed manner will bring poor results. It's up to The Cosmos, deities, ancestors and/or saints to do their job with the message you did send out.

*Also do keep in mind that at times spirits or saints in regards with spells just do not feel to work with a conjurer, I mean, we all have our preferences, and so do they. For instance, I have had good results working with Saint Expedite, but there has been an occasion where the dear Roman centurion went: "Fuck you, not today". Realise that they do not have to be available constantly to our beck and call and that we can't "demand" anything from them or claim rights because we think the sun shines out of our back parts.

*Any stupidities or accidents resulting from you using my product/services in any kind of manner are not my responsibility. I assume that when you are busy with magick/the occult that you are of sound mental health.

*Magick does not replace any good medical pro, keep this in mind please.

*For any questions regarding my oils and/or (custom created) spells, do drop me a line, and I will do my very best to help you.

Also, a nice introduction and the magick words "thanks" and "please" work miracles. Any rudeness will make me refrain from conversing with you, and I also do not react very well to being chased-up by people appearing 5 times a day in my inbox informing how the spell work goes: When work is done I'll update you with a report and photos.

But don't hesitate contacting me. If you can't find anything in my shop you need, I can create it for you when I have the materials available. And I will always do my very best to advice and/or help you.

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