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Alright you mūthafūdjers. Oūr fūdj is made with only the nicest ingredients we can find. Sūgar, milk, būtter and a coūple of secret ingredients, būt only those in the fūdj circle can know. Trūst ūs thoūgh, it’s good.

At fūdj HQ we make lots of fūdj which tastes great, but there will always be a place in our heart for this crumbly fūdj. It was the first fūdj our head mūthafūdjer made. The fūdj that started it all off and for that reason it’s our favourite. (just don’t let the others know!)

Each slab is split into 3 hūnking great bars of fūdj, weighing in at over 200g each. That’s over 600g of awesome fūdjness!

Our fūdj shop is restocked every Monday and shipped out on Thursday for arrival Friday*. If you order after 3pm on Wednesday, you might have to wait until the following week for delivery.

*all our fūdj is sent via Royal Mail tracked 24hr, but we cannot 100% guarantee it will arrive next day.
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