Cork Crossbody Bag (Mimi Grande)


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Mimi Cork Handbag, showcases a stunning bow feature.


Product Type

Cork handbag


(H) 28cm x (W) 30cm x (D) 11cm approx.

Main Fabric



Zip fastening feature for the main compartment, , zip on back, additional adjustable cork shoulder strap.

Attributes of Natural Cork fabric

It’s a 100% natural material * Wear resistant * Lightweight * Anti-static

Anti-allergic * Water resistant * Sustainable * Ethical * Vegan

Care Instructions

Clean with water and mild detergent using a soft cloth, allow to dry naturally.

Product Disclaimer

Our products are all handcrafted from natural cork. It is therefore very rare to create identical items – just as in nature every single piece is a unique creation. There may be natural blemishes/variations/ colours that are not product flaws but are inherent in the manufacturing of handmade products, so you may find minor distinctions that make your Moddanio purchase a special and truly one-of-a-kind item.

Additional information


01 – bright red, 01 Baby Blue, 01-26 duckegg blue, 01-iridescent, 02 – wine, 02 Baby Pink, 02-04 purple, 02-05 pink, 02-19 cream, 02-31 blue, 02-51 navy, 02-Pink Clear, 03 – mustard, 03 Green, 03-Peach, 04 – margarita green, 04 Lilac, 04 Silver, 04-Barbie Pink, 05 – pickle green, 05 Pink & Blue Blend, 05 Pink and Blue Blend, 05-Rose Pink, 06 – teal, 06 Gold, 07 – navy, 07- Dark Pink, 08 – ox blood, 08 – purple, 08- Multi Pink, 09 – ox blood, 1, 1 – bright red, 1.Yellow, 10, 10 – bright pink, 10.Turquoise, 11, 11 – light pink, 11-70 burgandy, 11-70 red, 12, 12 – grey, 14k Gold Fill, 14k Rose Gold Fill, 2, 2 – wine, 2 Tone Salmon and Grey, 2.Orange, 3, 3 – mustard, 3.Red, 38mm fridge magnet, 4, 4 – margarita green, 4.Light Pink, 5, 5 – pickle green, 5.Dark Pink, 6, 6 – teal, 6.Purple, 6a, 6b, 7, 7 – navy, 7.Dark Blue, 8, 8 – purple, 8.Light Blue, 9, 9 – ox blood, 9.Mint, 925 Sterling Silver, A, A Sea Glass Marble, Algate Red, Alien Pearl (random dichroic colour), All gold, All green, All 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Yellow/Brown, Yellow/Green, Yellow/Orange, Yellow/pink


Cork, Handmade, Natural Material, Sustainable, Vegan, Vegan Leather

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A world of fashion products, accessories and handbags, created with great love and handcrafted in 100% high quality natural cork.
We are passionate about the environment and sustainability our products are

PETA approved



Environmentally Friendly

Please note that variations in tones and textures are a natural process, making each piece truly unique.

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