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Round/ Pentagon Oil Burner with wooden feet. Bring your home some color with our round and pentagon oil burner. These burners come in red, green and orange color.

Please choose your preferred color from drop down menu.

Sizes: Height 11cm Width 9cm Depth 7.5cm

Small size 4hr. tealight is suggested for usage with the burners. Oil burners can get hot, but it depends on the size of the candle and the size of the oil burner. Let the burner cool before handling, and ensure they are used on a heatproof surface. If you prefer to use wax melts with your burner, please do not touch the burner with bare hands. The burner will be hot when used with wax melts.

Always read and follow the instructions that come with this product. Use a good quality standard tea light and fill the dish evenly.

Can oil burners be used with wax melts? Tarts are wickless candles that can be burnt similarly to essential oils to give off a pleasant fragrance.
Like fragrance oils, you need to ensure enough space between the flame and the tart to ensure it doesn’t start bubbling up or burning. Plenty of sites say that using tarts with oil burners will work fine, but the safety information that comes with our oil burners says they are not recommended for wax melts/tarts or granules.

How do I use an oil burner? Fragrance oils must be diluted in water before being used with a burner – only a few drops of fragrance oils are needed. This will ensure the oil doesn’t burn or give off smoke and means you use less oil per burning session. The amount of water to oil depends on the size of the bowl or cup the oil will go in, but generally, it’s best to fill the cup two-thirds full and add around ten drops of the fragrance oil. You can add more or try less oil next time, depending on your preference; these are just some guidelines.

It’s best to fill the cup with water first and then add the oil so that it can sit on top. Then light a tea light candle and put it in the opening underneath the cup. Make sure that the flame isn’t too close to the cup, as this can cause fast evaporation of the water and oil, which can then lead to the burner shattering.

How much oil should I put in an oil burner? Between six to ten drops when accompanied by water, though this can vary depending on the oil’s strength, the size of the cup, the size of the room you are diffusing in and personal preference.

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Green Burner, Red Burner, Orange Burner

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