Coastal Water: a ceramic tile artwork – blue and white textured ceramic art piece



Coastal Water is an original artwork, depicting the contours of the coastline and the soft meandering estuaries and watery outlets that cut though the hills and fields. The work explores the seasons and the beauty found in Nature and is a calming piece of artwork for your home.

This unique Artwork would make a perfect moving in/ House warming gift for someone to hang on a wall or place on a small display easel on a shelf or table top. The neutral earth colours will complement most decors and be a beautiful thoughtful handmade gift to send to a loved one.

The ceramic pieces have been coloured with Colbalt oxide giving a rich blue pigment to the work. Each element of the artwork is handmade and individual and i never make the same design. Each tile artwork is stamped in the corner with my unique pottery mark.

The handcrafted ceramic tile measures approx. 15cm x 15cm and is backed onto a black base measuring 30x30cm. There is a fixing on the back of the wooden base so that it can be hung on a wall or it can adorn a table, bookcase or shelf. The work also has black felt on the back so that the wall is not marked.

The tiles are wrapped in bubble wrap and boxed for delivery. Please note i have an eco policy and use recycled packaging.

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Everyday the changing landscape inspires me to make new work. My studio is based in a lovely garden surrounded by a park, so the view is always different as new flowers and plants appear throughout the year. My wall based ceramic artworks explore the seasons, moon cycles, sunsets and the true beauty found in Nature.