Reiki charged clear/rock quartz cluster 46g approx 6cm tall


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Crown Chakra

Energies-Awakening, balancing, affirmation and tranquility.

Clear/Rock Quartz is known as the ‘master healer’, or ‘cure all’. It improves your quality of life and makes you feel happier. It re-energizes, aids concentration and enhances your memory. It is good for using in meditation to aid peace, relaxation and relieve negativity.

It is good for the immune system, diabetes, ear infections, hearing and balance, and helps your heart, MS, ME, tinnitus, weight loss, pain and stress relief.

You can program this crystal by holding it to your third eye and concentrate on the purpose you wish to use it for. Or state aloud the intention of the purpose of your choice.

You can use clear quartz:-
• To balance and awaken your chakras
• For a crystal breathing or crystal merging exercise
• To access knowledge from angels, archangels and ascended masters. State positive affirmations to relieve depression.
• for massaging along with citrine or lolite gem essence mixed with a carrier oil, which aids cellulite, blood circulation, fluid retention, aches and pains.
• Space clearing/Energetic cleansing once programmed
• Ying/Yang harmony

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