Cleansing Bar – Freshly Made – 100% Food, 0 Chemicals. Results beyond compare.


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This is a hand made product from start to finish. Only the Best, Natural ingredients are used to create this product.
Every single product we make is made with ingredients derived from Whole Foods (Fresh Organic Fruits & Vegetables) that are broken down by our Unique Trade Secret Process – that mimics the Human Digestive System so the thousands of Nutrients in these Foods are small enough to penetrate and feed Your Skin. They are also formulated with a Proprietary Preservation System so the products can be a source of Topically Applied Nutrition without toxicity.

Nutrients coming into contact with Cells is the Source of Life. Directly feeding Your Skin these Food Extracted Nutrients creates profound Skin Effects in particular Anti -Ageing. Whether its Firming, Tightening Your Skin, Reducing Age Spots, Exfoliation, Increased Hydration, Lifting, Lightening and many others.
Transformation Beauty 365 Cleansing Bar cleanses, exfoliates the skin while at the same time imparts a broad spectrum of nutrients into the skin, leaving you with clean, nourished, deodorised, hydrated and silky soft skin.

Natural – Organic – Wild Crafted Ingredients:  Virgin Coconut Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Castor Oil (plant derived), Jojoba Oil, Fresh Spring Water, Rare Earth Mineral Clay, Vitamin E, Herbal Formula (aloe, bee pollen, bladderwrack, cocoa powder, coffee, dandelion leaf, kigelia, frankincense, gotu kola, green tea, lemongrass, maca, orange peel, pau d’arco, pepermint leaf, rosemary, suma, vitamin c, white oak bark, witch hazel), orange essential oil, lemon essential oil.
5 oz (142gm)

A moisturising soap that naturally deodorises, nourishes and exfoliates! So moisturising you can shave with it or use it as a shampoo.

Transformation Beauty 365  natural, organic, moisturising soap is an organic alternative to the often irritating, chemical, and detergent based personal care products currently in general use. We manufacture this luxury soap for all skin types. The blend of organic ingredients we use creates a miracle soap your skin will love.

Transformation Beauty 365 Cleansing Bar cleanses and exfoliates the skin while at the same time imparting a broad spectrum of nutrients into the skin, leaving you with clean, nourished, deodorised and moisturised skin. 

The rare mineral clay used in this soap will naturally deodorise your skin giving you the option to stop using deodorants.

You’ll have the option to pass over the need to use any other agent to mask (deodorise) the natural smell of your skin. The clay we use in our luxury soap gently exfoliates as it removes the dead skin from your body, your skin will look and feel healthier and more pure. Safely exfoliating while safely feeding your skin  daily, will lead to visible improvements in skin tone and health while contributing to overall, systemic well-being.

Our proprietary soap making process produces just the right amount of saponified oils and natural glycerin within a clay/mineral mix leading to an end result that cleans and moisturises so well that our customers use it for shaving and washing hair with no need for secondary conditioning agents.

Standing on its own, Transformation Beauty 365 Cleansing Bar is very effective for problem skin issues such as Rosacea, Eczema, Acne, and Rashes.

How to Use:
Always use on wet skin or hair.
If using for shaving: Wet beard and rub the bar on the area to be shaved until it lathers. Shave as normal.
When using as Shampoo, simply rub the bar into very wet hair until it lathers. Then shampoo as normal.

Do not get into your eyes. If you do, immediately flush with water.


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I am called Katharina and I am a mum of 3.
I love all things Natural and I am particularly obsessed with Immortality – Longevity and Wrinkle Free Aging.
I believe that Nature has all the answers for us and nothing comes even close to the capabilities of Nature.
Nature has a solution for every single problem we might have.

I learnt that very early on, when my skin could not tolerate all those chemicals used in all the conventional skin care products. And so from my teen years I had to use those Natural Skincare Products, that were fine when I was younger. The older I got I realised that these Natural Skincare Product were good for a bit of moisturisation, however when it came to Anti-Ageing, they were basically simply sitting on top of my skin, without any Anti-Ageing effects at all.

I knew that Nature must have an answer for this as well, and so my journey began. I decide that I would not rest until I found Nature’s answer to Wrinkle Free Ageing.

And since the Ageing of our Skin comes down to a reduction of Nutrients and a build-up of Toxins, wouldn’t it make sense to feed your Skin all those delicious Nutrients and help it to get rid of all those Toxins accumulated over the years?

And so the process began…

After years of trial and error, the masterpiece is complete. It is a very sophisticated process of Nutrients Extraction from Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

The PH of all my products is around 4, which is necessary so we get maximum absorption.
If the PH of the skincare products you use is above 5, they won’t be able to penetrate your skin, and it is simply a waste of your money.
Additionally, your skincare products need to be extremely clean – so no silicons, no chemicals etc.

I would like to invite you to start feeding you skin with Vitamins, Proteins and Minerals so, you too can experience Results beyond compare.

There is nothing out there like this on the market.

Unlike other companies who all use the same ingredients, we produce our own ingredients.

I promise you – your experience of using these products will go beyond anything you have experienced so far.

Nothing makes me more happy than when my customers get the results they have been looking for, for so long.

Remember I created these products first and foremost for my own personal use. So they are the Best of the Best.
Since I started using them, I have been receiving so many compliments, that I decided to offer them to others as well.


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