Chunky Rustic Square Plant Stand/ End Tables, with Steel Hairpin Legs


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These gorgeous plant stand/ end tables would look perfect in any room and suit any style of decor.

The table top is made from reclaimed or sustainably sourced wood. It has been hand sanded for a beautifully smooth finish, before being stained and waxed in your chosen finish. If you prefer it can also be left natural.

These items have been lovingly made from recycled timber so has a history of their own. It will show markings from its previous life which may include knocks, dents, and other markings! This means that each item is unique to you and will differ from the pictures shown.

The timber I use is 47cm thick giving these tables a really chunky feel. The table top measures 25cm x 25cm and is supported by a choice of different length hairpin legs:

4″ / 10cm
8″ / 20cm
10″ / 25cm
16″ / 40cm

The table comes with black legs as standard and 4-floor protectors

If you would like different height legs, leg colour or a wider table top please contact me

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natural, Light Oak, Medium Oak, Dark Oak

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