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Cheeky Chicks are creators of innovative products designed by individuals for use by individuals. Our original and uniquely designed range of Chicken Coops created purely from reclaimed recycled solid oak whisky barrels are a great hit for those who love a quirky and novel home for their chickens. From their popularity our designers continued to develop a wide range of handcrafted recycled wooden cask furniture pieces for the home and garden which now makes up our core range.
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Oak Whisky Half Barrel Planter. Made from original used 200L whisky casks. Finish Options are Refurbished and Varnished, Rustic or Refurbished Sanded. Approx. dimensions: 45cm tall x 64cm at widest point

Due to the ageing process of whisky involving the charing of the inside of the barrels, charcoal may be present on the inside of some of our products. We do our best to remove it but some may remain.

Half Barrel Planter
Beautiful aged oak finish
Refurbished and varnish finish
Manufactured in the UK
Approx. dimensions: 45cm tall x 64cm at widest point

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Refurbished/Sanded, Refurbished/Varnished, Rustic/Varnished

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