Calendula 3 in 1 multi Sunshine balm


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Itchy, sore, tired and dull skin instantly soothed and revived and left feeling nourished. Cleanse or moisturise.

●Shea butter
●Vit E
●Sweet Almond oil

A delicate and nourishing multi use balm that instantly revives and soothes itchy, dehydrated, sore, tired or dull skin.

Calendula flowers grown, harvested and dried by myself and then macerated in Sweet Almond oil for 16 weeks, before blending with other ingredients to produce this beautiful, multi use balm.

Calendula is commonly used topically to speed tissue healing after injuries ,burns and bruises. It is also a useful remedy for skin, eczema and haemorrhoid’’s and can ease the pain in minor injuries when applied topically

All parts of the flower have anti-inflammatory activity, mainly from the leaves. Its Anti-ageing and a skin healer, by increases blood flow and oxygen to damaged skin and stimulates collagen production, filling in wrinkles.. Calendulas microbial & Anti-viral properties make it a powerful antimicrobial and antiviral proper, that are effective of fighting antibiotic resistant strains and bacteria., which makes it an excellent application for scars, wounds and ulcers

Commonly used in most baby/child related remedy’s as its is so gentle and kind. Great for treating skin disorders as it has such healing, skin regenerating and protective actions.

Suggested use:
1. Scoop a pea sized amount into the palm of your hands and work to warm the balm. In circular motions apply onto the facial area. This balm is also safe to use around the eye area. Ideal for melting away make up.
Soak the flannel in hot water and rinse before placing over the facial area. Hold. Repeat this action a few time allowing the heat of the water to penetrate the skin, before washing the balm off the skin and gently exfoliating. Close the pores of your skin with a splash of cold water
2. optional 2x weekly, add some Apricot or Walnut kernels to your balm as an exfoliator, helping the skin to regenerate skin cells & helping to clear blemishes to leave the skin feeling brighter, & also allowing better absorption of moisturiser
Pat skin dry, leaving the skin slightly damp gives a better absorption.
3. Apply a small amount of balm onto the skin and work into the skin until fully absorbed. A small amount can also be added to your cream based moisturiser to give you added benefits

Other uses
●barrier against harsh weather conditions
●After sun
●Allergic rash
●Skin problems

60g jar


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